Fox | Pedal to the Metal

May 29, 2007


This weekend I went over to the bookstore to pick up the new issue of Ride Magazine to see how the ad turned out for Kink which is on the back cover. It looked great and while flipping through some of the pages, i noticed part of this piece was out. A while back Fox Racing hired me to throw together a illustration with very dark themes since this was suppost to be a play off of Black Metal. It was quite fun since i like doing skulls and of course, anytime you can construct a pentagram sprocket… hell yeah. There wasn’t a whole lot of time and budget involved, but it was nice to develop some key elements for the marketing department over there.


3 Responses to “Fox | Pedal to the Metal”

  1. MQ said

    horned skull and pentagram sprocket…how could this be any better? no seriously.

  2. clint said

    THAT IS badass!!! Nice work.

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