Going to print…

May 29, 2007


Going to send these two designs over to the printer today. I haven’t fully broke down sizes yet, but if you want one, drop a line and give me your size. When I send over the art either tonight or tomorrow morning, i’m going to have my size break downs in hand. Going to be small runs mostly on skull pieces since that is for the gallery show over in St. Pete. However if you do want that piece, let me know and i’ll make sure to hold that many back.


42 Responses to “Going to print…”

  1. bewaredesign said

    could you send it to mexico?!!

    it could be great!!

    greettings hydro..

  2. Bradley G said

    I’d LOVE one. Gotta rep Hydro in Austin.

    I’d like an XL.


  3. Bradley G said

    by the way, make it the 74 shirt please. XL

  4. Seth said


    I would like 1 of each, size Large


    Hydro Gear always rocks!

  5. Amanda said

    I’ll have one of each as well. I wear a small.

  6. snickars said

    i’m in on a copy of the ’74’ if the prize is right, how much is it including shipping to good old Sweden?

  7. snickars said

    …what the heck, i’m interested in both of ’em…sizes in M

  8. Zak said

    Is it my birthday ! I would love both please in a M (assuming its same as your oddica sizing) to come out to the sunny UK.

  9. Phillip T said

    Looking sharp man, my RSS hasn’t been telling me when your updating your blog so im a bit behind on your design life haha.

    We are in winter over here in Oz, print some Hoodies!!! Yeeeoww!

    Peace. PT

  10. Rob said

    Can I get a XL to the UK please if I’m not too late.

  11. Rob said

    …the skull one that is.

  12. Bryan said

    I’d like to get one of each as well in large if possible.

  13. Chris said

    74 in M. glad you’re printing these.

  14. GuezWorks said

    Medium 74 for me please!

  15. MQ said


    I gotta bring the Hydro back to Indianer. More importantly the Goshhhh…… right. it’s better left unsaid.

  16. MQ said

    and are they really gonna be sold by A&F? hahaha

  17. kniso said

    could you send it to Poland


  18. Shelby White said

    would love to get one. I’d need a large in the “74” design.

  19. LaidbackLuke said

    i want the tee with the skull.my size is M
    how much would the shipping cost to austria?

  20. Sammy said

    yes, sir, yes…
    papa wants one with the skull. in small or medium, slimfit – to show the potbelly.

    lookin’ forward

  21. Oh! Skull please! Medium!

  22. Jason said


    Love the front!

  23. How much you lookin to price them at? I’d love a skull in L

  24. Carl said

    I’d love a skull design in a Medium. How much we looking at including postage to Australia?


  25. Adrian said

    I’d like an XXL of the skulls. Thanks!!

  26. patric said

    hi hydro
    switzerland wants your shirt! If its possible i take a medium 74 shirt…


  27. Enssan said

    one of each size small splease.
    how much is it to ship to the Netherlands.

    Luv your work!

  28. ed said

    looking great!

    can i get a medium 74 to go please, with delivery to the uk.


  29. Andreas said

    Do you send to sweden. I´ll give anything for one, have admired your work for a LONG time and you are definitely one of my biggest inspirations when I get “free hands” with a client. Medium size…

  30. James said

    I’d love to get them in Medium if it isn’t too late.

  31. RYan said

    The t’s are outstanding man let me 1 of each in an XL to NEbraSka!

  32. RYan said

    The t’s are outstanding man let me get one od each in an XL to NEbraSKa!

  33. I know I am getting one.. You should have chuck foil one for you.. He did one for me looks so urban its off the chain!

  34. Mr. Scatterbrain said

    You’d better put the artwork for download so anybody can get his own tshirt 🙂

    Nice work, mate! Congrats.

  35. udfd71 said

    Give me an XL in both. Let me know how much.

  36. Nathan said

    Gimme the 74 in a Large. Nice!

  37. KLASSIC82 said

    Hey you know I’ll rock one, let me know what a large would run for either, when you get the time………thanks man, get a hold of me.

  38. Nice work as always.

    Wish I could get 1 rite about now.

    thanks for bin liberal, u r a blessin’

  39. rbell said

    Ill take a 74 in large. Whats the specs of the shirt?

  40. chokin_chicks said

    Yo, i know i’m late but do you have any more skull in large?

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