May 29, 2007


One of the projects from last week was a project for Quiksilver. I had to bust out a bunch of pieces for them and also invited a couple freelancers to assist. Troy White had some great success with his pieces. As much as i get busy, i really do just taking some extra time to explore typography and seeing what I can come up with. Granted, the piece above is pretty straight forward, it actually took sometime to make it flow. But the end product looked nice.


4 Responses to “QuikSilver”

  1. Zach said

    This type is awesome, and the pentagram sprocket = equally awesome.

  2. MQ said

    “…took sometime to make it flow.” yeah, but its bad ass.

  3. Shadzilla said

    This is mad dope!

  4. Ross L said

    THat is badass def.

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