Hydro Free v.10 | Flourishes

May 31, 2007


Last couple days i decided with any free time i would reconstruct my ‘Vector Vault’ and retire certian pieces I’ve used quite a bit as well as develop new pieces from the mounds of books I have in my office. It’s just a way to give a fresher approach and encourage some creative values to come forth.

In doing so, one of the files I have used quite a bit in the past was a nice little collection of Flourishes that I’ve collected from different sources. Most of these are standard and if you look in the right place you’ll be able to find them. Pretty much public domain by now. So what that said, i offer up my collection to you. I didn’t develop these, except for the type and heart thing at the top of the file… I know some of you have been jonesing to see some of my type up close. So enjoy.

Hydro Flourishes: Download Here

*and as always. Custom hydro vector is HERE, and this will only be up for a limited time.


24 Responses to “Hydro Free v.10 | Flourishes”

  1. Phillip T said

    Cheers Josh. Always appreciated mate.

    Peace. PT

  2. MQ said

    seriously jonesing. you are a true friend to us all. thanks dude.

  3. Jenzzz said

    Thank you, master. We’re not worthy. 😉

  4. EightyOne said

    Un grand merci de Belgique!

  5. tcbrooks06 said

    Another fine gift….THANKZ

  6. Thank You, Sifu(Master in Mandrin)!! Really appreciate it always… Cheers

  7. robert said

    thanks a lot!
    greetings from germany…

  8. i cant thank u enough….

  9. aaron said

    thanks heaps! brilliant stuff once again.

  10. segun orimolade said

    thanks men,but i can’t unzipp it,why?

  11. geesucks said

    he…i see some pieces from aridi’s ornaments

  12. KD said

    Can someone reupload please!!!

  13. chris said

    where can i find that style of letters, i wanna tatoo my name whit that style

  14. Aaron said

    do the downloads not work, or is it just me?

  15. claudio said

    the link is broken, please upload the zip again, i need that file =S

  16. trendsettr said

    The link is broken. Please give us the file!

  17. Max said

    Hey! The is broken… Would you please upload again… Your stuff is awesome!
    Cheerio from germany!


  18. Venom said

    Come on.. please upload it again….

  19. Kuba said

    Reupload please ! 🙂

  20. Kuba said

    Reupload please ! 🙂

  21. Jelle said

    Can someone help me on the font that is at the top of the pic, need it for a tattoo !

  22. ku said

    please upload again

  23. angryblue said

    mind re-upping this link? i keep stumbling onto this post randomly.

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