Rabbit Illustration V.2

June 29, 2007


Here it is thus far. Still some flat spots, and I’m not sure if i’m feeling it yet. It needs something, but i can’t place my finger on it. Maybe once I start with the actual layout and plug this into a ornate oval, it might come to life.

I do like it, however not sure if i’m 100% on it. any suggestions?


Rabbit Illustration

June 29, 2007


I’m starting a illustration of a Rabbit for a client. Right now i’m just working on the foundation. Nothing is set in stone, but on the same token, I really want to have a certian realism with it. I think once i get done with the primary foundation, then i’ll go in and start texturizing the fur to make it feel more organic. Like I said, it’s a rough start.

Prize Winner

June 29, 2007


This image is from Aaron Hughes via Lore Studios. He got his package and blogged about it. Thanks Aaron for the support!!!


June 29, 2007


I got a email from Pedro Damasio today showing me his new Hydro Octopus Tattoo. It also reminded me that Aaron Martin (good friend, sexy facial hair) is getting a goldfish tattoo on his body. Gary from Pixel Peach has a Hydro Lion on his arm, can’t seem to find the photo of that one. So still, anytime someone wants to get one of my illustrations on their body, it’s becomes a very flattering thing.


I picked up a copy of Maxim and Ride last night. I did a type treatment for Maxim which turned out great. It wasn’t anything revolutionary, but still looks nice. Also, the new RideBMX is on newsstands. I work with Kink BMX and the back cover is their ad i do up for them. This is probably one of my more favorite ones. However, i was hoping it would of been a little bit more richer in color, so i’ll have to ensure that for the next ad.


June 26, 2007

For the smaller prize:
Which will be stickers, soviet pins, random stuff, ..and much more
#12 – Amanda
#50 – Jeff Hamada
#120 – EzyLee
#238 – JD
#1 – Naughty
#90 – HNTR™
#198 – Jason (lenoxreign.com)
#75 -Adam (vol5.com)
#236 – Steve Davis
#101 – GUFFMAN

which will be stickers, shirts, pins, various things..quite a larger package than the above
#3 – Tyler Thompson (workwithjob.com)
#111 – mr.Chek (myspace.com/mr_chek)
#249 – Chris – (7thchapter.com)
#222 – Rob Laliberte
#13 – Matthew KS
#99 – Patric (from Switzerland)
#44 – Costa (influencephotography.com)
#33 – Chris (thedara.com)
#67 – Fenimore (uvsoaked.deviantart.com)
#122 – Roland

Various Qee’s, Shirts, stickers pins, etc etc etc.
#89 Dione

email me if your name is on the above list with a address and boom, package goes out.

For those who didn’t win… the first 4 who send me their address will get a silk screen print in the mail!!!


I asked Yasly (a.k.a. Danny & Liz Jones) if he could take care of doing some quick shots for me since he has connections. And he did. Damn fine good job Danny!! I ‘heart’ you.

Hydro Shirts are here: Hydro Shirt Link

Contest Is Over…

June 21, 2007

284 people. 20 prizes, and one mega prize.

Tonight the selection begins. Once the number are chosen, i will post names of the winners and contact them!

thanks for helping me clean my office out 🙂


(just added) HERE ARE SOME NEW PAGES. Right now I’m just placing the files. Once i get all the type layed out, then I can start the fine tuning and tweaks. But here is a preview of some of the pages. I really like the the random, yet somewhat organized.


Here is a rough preview of the book so far. Still in process of gathering up all the type treatments.

Basically all logo books are simple, basically just logos on white pages set up very clean in a nice grid system. I’m still using a grid system for development, however, i was thinking of making this look like a old book. Some pages will be sketched up, others will be like the one above. Over all there are around 200+ pieces that will be in this book. There will also be Quotes from various designers about my work within it and try to make it feel more personal, rather than just a standard logo book

Let me know your thoughts


June 21, 2007


I will admit, I’m very picky about the music I listen to. And I’m not one to push music off to others because I know everyone has different tastes. However, here are a few artist that I have really been into lately. They are really great, at least for me, to have playing while I work. So if you get a chance, check them out. You may like, or you may hate, but it is what I’m into right now.

The best example I can think of is cinematic shoegazer. It’s different, yet has beautiful qualities. My favorite songs are ‘Hearts On Fire‘ & ‘Springtime
Emusic Link: Rumskib

The Perishers – Let There Be Morning
Mello, depressing and emotional. Just a great album. Check out the song ‘The Weekends
Emusic Link: The Perishers

The National – Boxer
May not be everyone’s liking, but i like the folky, rythmatic sounds and his voice has a rough crispt edge to it. Favorite songs: ‘Squalor Victoria‘ & ‘Brainy
Emusic Link: The National

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
I honestly hate ‘trendy’ music and avoid it. But I decided to check it out finally, and i actually like this album. Not a fan of their last album, but i think the reason is that this album has a slight 80’s throwback. This song ‘Keep the Car Running‘ reminds me of a older 80’s song, can’t think of the artist right now. But check it out sometime.
Emusic Link: Arcade Fire

Feel free to make artist suggestions. I’m always looking for rare and amazing music to listen to.