Hydro Free v.11 | China

June 1, 2007


Here is a set that I was going to put together for myself, however, they didn’t turn out as i would of hoped, thus i’l have to do some super clean versions. I’ve always enjoyed Soviet & Chinese propaganda. It’s rich in history as well as rigid structures. It’s a shame that Obey has pretty much killed it for anyone wanting to develop it, but then again, they make some damn good shirts and posters!

So with that said, my minor test turns into your gain.
Download China >>> Here

*1. I do this as a friend and as a favor to designers, 2. don’t direct link, that is just shady… give proper credit & 3. Do something nice for someone this weekend and upcoming week!


17 Responses to “Hydro Free v.11 | China”

  1. Zach said

    I will! Thanks

  2. AAron said

    Thank you sir, your vector libraries are always fun to toy with. Keep up the great work.

  3. lluxus said

    that’s great. thanks a lot!

    did you see the ussr propaganda posters on flickr?

  4. Matt Q said

    Josh, seriously it means a lot to us all! Thank you so much dude!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. hansofnorway said

    Thanks Josh! Looking good!

  6. Nathan said

    Love this kind of stuff too. Going to have to take a look at some books in the local library…

  7. Zak said

    What a treat for monday morning. Hoping to see your work in cosh next week

  8. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  9. rbell said

    Your comments hit it right on the dot main. Thank you!

  10. rbell said

    Ill take a 74 in Large. Whats the fit of the shirts? do you have the specs?

  11. thanks brother! you set a great example for all of us.

  12. Helmut said

    They are awesome, but the downloadlink does not work!!! Is there any chance to get your vectors? I really need them, i searched so long for these and now the links are broken… Help!

  13. Marco said

    hey joshua,

    you maybe heard it before, all links of your free stuff are broken. is there a chance, that you fix this. please say YES or NO, but, please, do not ignore those requests. your work is awesome, and if you offer freebies that’s the bane you have to live with, hehe, i hope you don’t bother with me…. i mean that not that serious. maybe you feel like fixing the links. cheers and keep up freakin with vectors 😉


  14. Marco said

    and as always mr. marco did not read correctly, that all links work for a limited time. so forget about my comment before, sorry, 😉 😉 😉

  15. Aky said

    The link is down again, tried getting the fab soviet work but it ain’t downloadin, 404 error. Please fix it. Is there another link?

  16. tim said


    Your work is awesome and this set looks really cool but I can’t get the link to work any chance in reupping it?

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