June 4, 2007


The new issue of IdN is coming out (or may already be out…not sure) but i have a nice 4 page spread in there. IdN is a very high end amazing magazine. It was just utterly flattering to be in it or even mentioned.

Alright, need to go and print some pieces off, going to be a busy day driving around town!


5 Responses to “IdN”

  1. hellocolor said

    Congratz on this dude, I just saw it on their site today ;]

    I’m still waiting for the issue with my feature is out (if they even release it)

  2. MQ said

    Congrats Josh! I gotta pick up a copy.

  3. KLASSIC82 said

    nice!, what an honor, I’ll have to look for it next time I’m at the stand……had a good trip to Borders this weekend, guess I’ll have to go back….

  4. Phillip T said

    Yeah, congrats mate. I got the issue, awesome work! Love Matt Curry’s stuff in there aswell. Keep it up!

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