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June 5, 2007

Okay, I’m suppost to write up a few short tips for print design and illustration for the upcoming issue of Computer Arts. they are really small blurbs more than anything else. However, i’m not really sure what to write about.

So the ball is in your court. What is it that you most want to know about my process, or client dealings? Any questions are welcomed.


34 Responses to “Computer Arts…”

  1. Erock said

    How do you continually find inspiration for your work? What spawns the ideas of your work? It would be interesting to give some insight on this topic. I find myself constantly trying to find new sources of inspiration, I get frustrated on those nights when you sit in front of your screen or a blank piece of paper looking for a starting point.

  2. Sammy said

    how can you concentarte on your work while the t.v., your lil’ girls * and the big one, too ;)* are right in the next room? 😉

    in general, how do you manage working at home?
    i can hardly stand the temptation. even in my office far from home.

  3. Jerod said

    I would like to know how you add some of your detail into your images. Little strands of hair, the detail on some of your tires, shadowing. Do you have brushes created that you pull from or is all of your details completely custom to each design project?

  4. How do you deal with clients/agencies that insist on retaining so much of the creative direction that it is killing the design or your creativity?
    (Course, maybe this never happens to you…)

  5. josh said

    Any tips on hw clean your art work is?

    Like, do you draw it out first on paper, then scan it in? Do you use a wacom tablet? Do you just draw using the pen tool?

    Details, details, details.

  6. P-ONE® said

    Any tips on how to accomplish such great details that you got on your illustration (Example: The hair)? and how do you manage to get the right balance in your type treatment composition?

  7. Adrian said

    Where do you start when doing type treatments? Are you taking a normal font and then manipulating? Are you starting from scratch?

    What do you think the next big thing in design is going to be? What trend will take off? The Avant Garde alternate text stuff felt a little like that. I first saw it on TWLOA and then so many other places.

  8. SIAJ said


  9. ShanesArt said

    I would also like to see more on how you develop your type treatments. I really dig the biker look you pull off!

    With the great materials and descriptions that you produce it would be nice to see Step-by-Step tutorials of your process for type treatments, illustrations & getting materials ready for print.

    Keep rockin the great work!

  10. Rina said

    tips on creating awesome, tapered lines

  11. 57 Even said

    After digging into a few of your files, it seems like the most elaborate details of your illustrations are just pieced on top of each other instead of being compound paths.

    I use the pathfinder palette religiously so that I can just select an entire color layer and swap the colors easily. I also this it’s a matter of preference, but your way seems to save time overall without posing any real functionality issues especially with grouping and my favorite, select same fill color / select same fill & stroke.

    Has this been something you’ve done decidedly to save time or is it unconsciously reflective of your process, doing the base shapes and adding detail there after?

  12. 57 Even said

    Oh, and how many hours per day do you work? Your brand leaves an air of mystery around you..

  13. MQ said

    Clean lines, time spent with ornaments, as 57 said “…pathfinder palette?” is it easier to work with multiple objects than to fit everything together?

    What is a good work flow (for you obviously)?

    How long do you use a single object before retiring it? How do you find ways to contain your style while still expanding your database and creativity?

    How does Hydro find people to help him when there are just too many projects and fast approaching deadlines? 😉

  14. Joe said

    What is your primary or most used resource for all of the awesome elements you use? Google? Books? etc.,

  15. the “spike stlye” vector shading,
    (the spikes that sort of make a gradient)
    if that makes any sense…

  16. hansofnorway said

    Tell a little bit of your “sampling” from old books and stuff like that. Do you draw anything by hand? or do you trace everything from photos and vintage clip art? and how fast do you work? What do you do when you get stuck and have no ideas for a project? What schools did you go to? Any at all? Where did you start? Your first design work? Did you start drawing? Or just jumped right into the tracing? can you draw at all? 😛 Tell us something about trends and how long you spend cleaning up your illustrations.. and smart techniques?


  17. YASLY said

    How to draw really big (and small) boobs tutorial! Please!

  18. Jordan said

    I would love to hear a little blurb on your sources for inspiration as well. I know I’ve been tempted more than a couple times wanting to rip some pages out at the library…(from books not able to be signed out naturally). What kind of things do you turn to for inspiration/sample material.

  19. elm0 said

    any tips on those who aspire to do what you’re doing! =] what do you wish you knew when you were a high school senior that you know now (about the business) ? and how do you get your lines soo cleeaaann


  20. shanesart said

    Personally, I would enjoy reading more on how you develop your Type Treatments, background elements and shadng. Do you make your own “cartush” ornamental designs? What is your program of choice: Illustrator, Corel or Freehand? Mac or PC? What were your early influences? Where does the heavy influence biker art stem from?

    Keep rockin’ the the great work!

  21. 57 Even said

    How about going through an illustration start to finish, like the t-rex piece kind of was on your blog, perhaps coving source material and volumetric line shading as mentioned? Yasly’s making moves on really big boobs too.. Maybe it should have those a few hydro birds with green slime and eyeballs. Hmm..

  22. Phillip T said

    Has drawing really, really large boobs ever come in handy as a designer?


  23. Matt Q said

    Seriously, when hasn’t drawing really, really large boobs come in handy as…anything?

  24. Ross L said

    What are your favorite typefaces?

  25. Josh – most of us have the boob thing down. I actually heard that Illustrator CS3 comes with a Boob Builder tool. Its much better than using the Ellipse Tool..
    If you can please explain how you are able to focus on doing things without boobs- that is what is really tough for me.

  26. true 99 said


  27. I think troy speaks for many of us when he says drawing things without boobs is what is so difficult.

  28. ba6iks said

    how do you find your resources and visuals for the vector illustrations elements you create? You have a large library obviously, of legions, Filigree, flourishes, shields and such. Just wondering where you collect a lot of those resources?

  29. do you use adobe streamline

    whats the fuss about illustrator and coreldraw

    when do you intend making the break into motion?

    any difference btwn art and design?

    do u think functionality and aesthetics are best friends?

    should designers leave the shaping of design’s future to the clients?

    should designers specialize or be about every field there is in design?

  30. what should the file structure look like when getting pieces printed? From illustrator? photoshop?

    Whats the best way to test what the prints final outcome will look like?

  31. Joe said

    all this talk of breasteses…

  32. Joe said

    oh….tablet or freehand mouse?

  33. Track6 said

    Tablet or mouse – that’s a question I’ve wondered about before.
    What does your resume look like at this point? In fact, do you even need one or does your artwork and reputation precede you? Then again, since you made the move to freelance do you even keep a resume anymore?

  34. Andres Yourself said

    I think you’ve got enough questions/ inquiries to start writing a book. I’d obviously buy a copy or 2, IF you ever got around to doing one and whatnot.

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