Canvas Prints. 18inch x 24inch

June 6, 2007


Here is the first of the 18×24 pieces. They will be ready in the next day or so. If you want to obtain a piece before i take them over to the gallery show, contact me.


4 Responses to “Canvas Prints. 18inch x 24inch”

  1. MQ said

    dude if only i had the money. it would be in your pocket post haste.

  2. Track 6 said

    Looks great! So as I was about to purchase this bad ass skull print, my girlfriend informed me that if I hung another skull up in the office I could have the whole apartment to myself…. I thought about it.

    If you’re selling prints of the hippo I might swing that way though.

  3. Track-
    Sounds like a good deal – all you have to do is buy a print and the whole apartment is yours. Shit! you should buy two and see if she will give you the car too. Just playiing.

    I have no skull restrictions – so hook a bro up..

  4. HNTR™ said

    Really beautiful finish to a really sweet ilustration! Great work man, as always.

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