Canvas Prints. 3ft x 3ft Error Pieces

June 6, 2007


These prints were printing errors over at the place I got these developed. If anyone is interested in them, let me know. I can get them to you raw, or have them framed and shipped out.


14 Responses to “Canvas Prints. 3ft x 3ft Error Pieces”

  1. MQ said

    Solomon Grundy want them! Solomon Grundy wanna know, for free?

  2. MQ said

    they look badass still dude.

  3. Slap said

    how much them shrubs be?

  4. vadim said

    If you still have the skull one left I would be happy to have it.

  5. Erock said

    I would like on Fo Sho!

  6. tatro said

    Yes please!

  7. Stevie said

    Yo don’t mean to be cheesy but if it’s for free I will take one and if it’s for sale how much?

  8. Chris said

    dude. lemme get one.

  9. Adam said

    Dude, don’t forget that I sent you an email before all these dudes!


  10. Rina said

    how much? hmmmmmmmmm

  11. MQ said

    I meant to ask man, what process are these printed with?

  12. MQ said

    oh and did you get my email about the printing?

  13. tcbrooks said

    am I to late to the party to throw my ring in the hat and say PICK ME!!! I want it!

  14. Graft said

    The offer is still available ? If so, i want one, anyone. Thanks.

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