Finally Done…

June 7, 2007

Ah… Feels nice to get this project done.
Basically, the events for today were fun. This morning I picked up the canvas prints. Then shortly after, went over to the framing shop where they said they could get them set up before my deadline, which wasn’t anything complex on their end. Found out that I got some misdirection and that it would take over a week for them to get finalized. So my wife and I picked up some stretcher bars and spent this evening trying to get them looking halfway decent. There are a few flaws and a few things that could of been done better, but no biggie.

so yeah, these are the final pieces. Not too bad…i think.


10 Responses to “Finally Done…”

  1. Matthew KS said

    They looking good on canvas man. Liking the rhino piece.

  2. Stevie said

    They look nice bro. Big fan of your work. I think you do some of the dopest illustations I’ve seen.

  3. Flüke said

    So amazing as always … Totally addictive

    :: Regards, The Spanish visitor ::

  4. MQ said

    They look good dude! Congrats on the stretching! It’s always nice to get to the final stage of a project.


    still wish I could make it down for the show. Next time perhaps.

  5. Chris said

    i know you are glad these are done. congrats man. have fun at the show.

  6. Michael said

    Amazing work is there any chance of a book in the near future? Where did you get those printed? Did they print directly from your illustrator files?
    thanks for the vector treats as well

  7. YASLY said

    Looks so good! Spot on! Top gear! Hot traxx! Smooth moves! 🙂

  8. KLASSIC82 said

    turned out to be some really nice peices….my fav. is the 1ft x 3ft…….keep it up HYDRO……later

  9. That tyranny skull print is sooooo sexy! Love the pieces. They’d look great in my living room…

  10. Smooth said

    Great! looks good on canvas

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