Sketch First…

June 11, 2007

Over the past week, I’ve been really wanting to get my typography sketches more unique, as well as more custom. Before hand, it was a mixture of certian base fonts that i would bastardize because I liked the structure of them. Granted, here are some real quick ones I did that i’m going to go in and vector up. All I need is a rough foundation since I can control weights in Illustrator. Now, all i have to do now is actually go and buy a nice paper stock that doesn’t soak the ink, but sad to say, i love the blottyness of it.

anyway. it’s nothing great, but might inspire a few of you while playing around with your typography.


7 Responses to “Sketch First…”

  1. Nice! Dig it- actaully like it unvectored too! That would be sick addition to any piece- hand drawn scripts ect.

  2. MQ said

    Very nice indeed! I like the rough/bled edges duder.

  3. i love seeing this stuff from you, it really shows off your talent. i don’t think a lot of people realize the thought process that goes into work like this and the stuff you do on a daily basis; showing preliminary hand-drawn sketches really brings everything to such life.

  4. oh, and post more of these from now on!!!

  5. S White said

    For a quick sketch i found that laser copier paper
    dosen’t really soak to much ink (at least compared to inkjet)and its cheap to have some hanging around. What do you Use?

  6. hellocolor said

    I wish I had that talent for typography as you have, and that sketches makes me wanna play with my pencil.
    I should commission you making some sick logo for hellocolor someday ;] Would be great.

  7. tcbrooks said

    Nice…Do you guys scan your sketches and use auto trace or redraw the fonts in illustrator?

    Just wondering on how you guys do what you do when you do it!

    Great work hydro!!

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