18×24 Canvas Prints

June 13, 2007


Yesterday I picked up the 18x24inch prints. They look fantastic in the frame. If anyone is interested in them, drop me a email. They will be sold at the show for $50.00, but for you lucky hydro blog junkies (ha), i will do them for $45 which includes shipping. Overseas, you’ll have to add a couple extra dollars to cover shipping. I will make sure you get a bunch of stickers included as well as some random stuff.

Also, last night after trying to clean out a section of the office, i discovered 4 Rebel prints. I thought they were sold out, but i was mistaken. If anyone wants them, hit me up. Same price as the other prints.
Contact: Joshua@hydro74.com

On a total side note. I am very excited to get this show behind me so i can get back to my geeky routine of waking up, make some coffee, and work on projects all day without having to run around town as much to get ready. Something about the the nice humming sound of the computer.


5 Responses to “18×24 Canvas Prints”

  1. Oh I wish I had the cash! I’m savin it for that sweet Tyranny/Skull tee though. Of course my birthday is in about 3 weeks. Do you think you’ll still have any then?

  2. Adam said

    Email sent… Hoping there’s still a Rebel print left!

  3. KENEDIK said

    Prints look sick dude!

  4. steve said

    pretty sick, man!

  5. Dave said

    Mate I love that 3rd Rebels design. Don’t suppose you sell reproduction rights to it?

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