Hydro Free v.12 | MudBug

June 13, 2007


I was getting ready to work on a project when I noticed a folder I actually forgot about. It was a old illustration mock for a client (that never paid, ha) from about 2 years ago. The illustration is decent. But i will never get a use out of it. Feel free to download it, check it out. the file is pretty raw, and keep in mind, it was from a couple years ago.

HydroFree: The MudBug

*Enjoy & Share a file with a friend this week.


4 Responses to “Hydro Free v.12 | MudBug”

  1. Sweet. I’m stoked to see how one of your pieces is actually put together.

  2. geesucks said

    ha……..supa…dupa…….vector file !

  3. ET said

    Any mirrors? Impossible to re-post? Any good soul outher who can send a copy of this.
    davidgalavotti@gmail.com. Thank you.


  4. qhubbanm said

    please republish again babe!!!!
    i`d really love it…

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