Shirts, Bagged and Stuffed.

June 16, 2007


Yesterday my wife and I spent a number of hours getting all the shirts in bags, added a bunch of office goodness into each. It was around 3am when I finished packing up the last shirt. Each shirt comes with stickers, postcards, and a signed screen print (well, one per order). I’m always a big fan of getting more than just what you ordered, so for those who do pick up any of the shirts, I hope you truely enjoy the extra stuff that is included.

Today is the Gallery show over at Blackout-Creations. I will be honest, I’m glad that this is finally here. I’ve been slightly stressed only because there was so much i wanted to do before hand that it will be nice to just sit down and design this next week. Nothing like a cup of coffee in the morning while your computer hums and the sounds of click, click click from the mouse. That is my idea of zen. I do know that I am starting my book this next week, so by Friday or early the following week, it will be in process of getting produced. That is my big project for the week.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Probably tomorrow or Monday I will post pictures from the event and actually post non-promotional work. šŸ™‚ Maybe even some previews of the book if all goes to plan.


7 Responses to “Shirts, Bagged and Stuffed.”

  1. The show is going to go great! I am stoked for you.. When you can give me a call and fill me in on the details. Dan proudly sported your shirt out on the town last night- we had dinner with friends..

  2. zak said

    I cant wait for my Tees to land over the pond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. davidmac said

    good luck on the show… looking forward to picking up your book

  4. PT said

    My friend! I’m going to grab one of those ay! Looking sick!

  5. snickars said

    great pieces, can’t wait for the Hydro World Tour šŸ™‚

  6. Kyle said

    THE SHIRT IS RAD! I got a lot of awesome comments from people while sportin’ the 74 shirt. Thanks so much for the extras, too! Always enjoy your work.

  7. sebastian said

    nice to meet you in the pics..

    im a really fan of your work… day by day some new.

    Im work in santiago de chile (southamerica, the end of the world), and you are 1 on my list of fav designer..

    keep like that man…. paz out..

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