Blackout Show

June 17, 2007

The show was amazing. When I first got there it was pretty dead. So my wife and I went out to get some coffee, then explore St Pete (Florida). We drove past Blackout again, and saw that Chris was still getting ready for the show. So we (my wife and I) decide to drive around and see what we could find. Probably the most exciting thing we saw while driving was a Mobile Home Outlet Store. We were quite humored.

So about a hour later, we got back to Blackout Creations and the place was packed. They had a dj set up, lots of Red Bull, Beer and Water, as well as some desserts that Chris’s girlfriend made. She did a great job. My pieces were right up front by the door so you saw them pretty much first when you walked in. I brought probably a couple hundred stickers, some left over silk screen prints, shirts and smaller canvas pieces. The stickers were pretty much gone by the end of the night and sold a decent amount of shirts and silk screen prints. So thank you!!

I was hanging out by my prints for little bit talking to different people about them. Met some great people at the show. Over all the response on those pieces were amazing. Quite a few people just stood there looking at the prints and saying things like ‘damn’, or ‘sick’. The highlight of the night was when Joe Boccia, a designer I have talked with before hand comeover to me and wanted me to sign the xgames board I designed. I guess, according to his girlfriend, he went to 4 different Targets looking for it. It was very flattering because the gallery thing is odd only because i consider myself a digital designer and not a fine artist. We ended up talking for most of the show, so i wasn’t able to get as many photos as I wanted, but below are some of the highlights with comments:

My pieces on display

The lovely works of Julie West. I’m going to buy them probably.

Chris Parks piece. I call it the phallic pirate cod piece since the arrow seems to be more errect than anything…

Great Illustration By Sam Barde. My only thought is that he is inspired by ‘the Hydro’.. But still, i loved the piece, very well done.

Robo-Christ by Red Labor (i believe) Got to talk with him for a short bit. Great guy!

Some hot Asian girl…oh, that is my wife. She was quite the trooper since she new she was going to be bored since when I talk to other designers, it’s about business and design. However, Joe’s girlfriend kept her busy as they talked about our kids and her kid. Leta was awesome tho!! She loved the Julie West pieces.

Me and Joe and the skateboard. This is the reason why never post many pictures of myself.. paisty white and design fat, ha!

Scott Lukacs. He’s one of the owners and Tattoo Artist at Blackout.

Chris Parks & Me. The other owner and graphic designer over at Blackout. Chris is a amazing guy. Hopefully there will be a Hydro74 Typography Show coming soon to Blackout. Fingers Crossed. Maybe a Book Release party. Still working out ideas and details to see if it works out.


5 Responses to “Blackout Show”

  1. PT said

    Damn, Sick. No seriously mate, awesome work! Love Chris Parks piece, haha!

    Peace PT.

  2. steve said

    looks like a great show and a good time. nice work!

  3. joenicklo said

    so theres the mysterious hydro74!

  4. Cameron Braun said

    I actually just picked that skateboard up at Target too. I must have been lucky, they had it at the one just down the street. Good thing it’s going up on the wall in my office, cause the deck isn’t worth riding. Now if I could only get mine signed… anyway, the show looks sweet. Good work.

  5. Chris said

    Man that looked like a blast.

    i was down in Orlando this weekend… busy busy busy though.

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