Hydro all over the map!

June 18, 2007


When I was down in Ft. Lauderdale picking up the shirts and visiting Troy, We (Troy & I) visited a surfshop and the Vans store that evening. At the Surf store, there were about 4 pieces that were mine, and a bunch of Billabong shirts that had some elements I drew up for them a long time ago in the pieces. I should of picked up the Quiksilver pieces, but they didn’t have my size. But I think from now on, when I see my work, I might just buy it so I have a copy.

Also, while over at Iron Forge (the printers) he was showing me some tags that were recently done. I was blown away because they looked pretty cool, then i realized it was a piece of clip art i designed a long time ago. So I had to grab a few of them. Lastly, this weekend at the Blackout Creations show, they had a local magazine that promotes local events, bands, and pretty much anything of excitement around the area. One of the pages was decked out with all sorts of my YWFT clip art. Believe it was a local Radio Station.

I’m always amazed to see that stuff. So thank you for all the support and usage. I can’t explain how much it means when people use my work!


5 Responses to “Hydro all over the map!”

  1. Kyle said

    Where could I find one of those ripcurl shirts? I’d love to sport one of those.

  2. Sick bro! I can’t believe how much more of your stuff I’ve seen in the last year or so. Congrats.

  3. EzyLee said

    Why do you have to buy a shirt as a sample? Don’t they send you the finished product for your records? Crazy.

  4. Terrorizer said

    I would love to know the printing method that you use, because it looks as a transfer but i’m not sure, I’m trying right now to get some shirts done also, but screen-print is getting a little bit tired for me.
    Would be great to have your advice.

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