Sketch’d Type

June 19, 2007


Here are some rough sketches of some typography I’m going to script up (vectorize). What is funny right now is that there are only a few forms of typography that really inspire me. A lot of the styles are either way to abstract, thus you loose the readablity on them, or they are just standard styled serif or san serif fonts. With any pitch to a client, I like to throw in differerent styles, but one style i really do like is a mixture of calligraphy and tattoo. Not so much Cholo (909), but a hybrid that feeds off of each other.


9 Responses to “Sketch’d Type”

  1. really loving those. the last one is especially my favorite.

  2. Gav said

    Real nice dude, I’m a MASSIVE fan of your type treatments, fantastic work!!

  3. Track 6 said

    I definitely see some GIANT inspiration there! Am I right? It’s cool to see some hand drawn stuff that you do. That gleaming light emitting from the cloud background has such a cool look to it.

  4. Chris said

    very much so jon, i agree. bottom is my fave.

  5. hellocolor said

    GOLD! All my crappy sketches are nothing..

  6. PT said

    That Eitnies typeface is friggen awesome!

    Peace. PT

  7. shanesart said

    Love the sketches! It’s nice to see the different stages of your process. This is were I start to feel inspired.

  8. Zak said

    great stuff, as above says its inspiring to see different stages of your process.

  9. Alice said

    frikin amazing! aaaarrrrgghhhhh! x

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