Snowboards… Thus far.

June 19, 2007


Once I move into my main office, I’m going to display all these somehow…
Also, so you know, this is about 4 years worth of snowboards. I get about 10-25% of the boards from the clients. There are still quite a few i haven’t gotten. Hopefully this year Flow will send me the 6 i did for them last year. Fingers crossed!


9 Responses to “Snowboards… Thus far.”

  1. Joe said

    what I wouldn’t give to do ONE snowboard and get it published 🙂 Nice stuff man.

  2. Gav said

    Nice work dude, niiiiiiice work!!

  3. Smooth said

    Great!! Very good stuff!

  4. Cameron Braun said

    Holy cow man! I’ve been snowboarding for about 12 years now (I’m only 22). The day I decided graphic design was what I wanted to do, my mind was on snowboards. Designing snowboards has always been my dream. I’m jealous and in awe at the same time. How do you get connected to the right people in the action sports industry w/o living on the west coast? Someday maybe I’ll visit the “Hydo74 snowboard museum.” Ha!

  5. KENEDIK said

    I have some ideas for you.

  6. casey said

    i almost got one of those this last season!
    would have been awsome to have a hydro board!

  7. joeROOSTER said

    i’m thinking of going to target and seein’ if i can scoop one of those x-games decks.

  8. shanesart said

    Beautiful work Bro! Impressive boards.

  9. hovy said

    damn, I just have to say the same like cameron brown! go on like that

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