June 19, 2007


This morning i was awoken by a knock at the door. At first i didn’t think anything of it, then they knocked again. I jumped out of bed, tried to hurry to get dressed and saw it was Fed-Ex. Big ass box of whatever. I wasn’t expecting a package. It was shipped from Hong Kong, and figured it was a snowboard, but from what client…

When I opened the box, it was two K2 Snowboards (well 3, i got two different sizes on the titan). Pretty nice little day starter. Above are some photos. It is a wierd and great feeling when you see your work published on something that size. Part of you wishes you invested more time, but then again, budgets are never that great. Or you wish that colors are maybe different or there could of been a better approach. there is always a better approach. But then again, you also have to just be grateful for getting the opportunity to work for the the clients you have. If the client has enough trust to invest money into publishing your work, then the work is good enough. So that is always my debate. Maybe other designers struggle with that aspect as well.


4 Responses to “Snowboards”

  1. Cameron Braun said

    I LOVE the anagram design. The little bits of wood peeking through from the core are sweet! I’m due for a new board this winter, I’ll have to keep that one in mind.

  2. MQ said

    Those are rad Josh. Good work as always!

  3. Nathan said

    Man, I absolutely love that K2 design. The emblem…the grunge effects…the composition…the colors…everything is just perfect.

  4. Breno said

    Definetly man, i struggle every single day with myself about “not as good as it could be” debate.

    But hey your work is awesome, relax

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