Contest Is Over…

June 21, 2007

284 people. 20 prizes, and one mega prize.

Tonight the selection begins. Once the number are chosen, i will post names of the winners and contact them!

thanks for helping me clean my office out 🙂


12 Responses to “Contest Is Over…”

  1. bewaredesign said

    aaaaaaaaaw!! please choose my numbre hydro!!! 😀

    haha greets

  2. breno said

    Although I hope my number gets chosen, with my bad luck it probably wont happen…

    yep, life sucks haha

  3. Smooth said

    ////////// ///
    /// ///
    ///// ///
    /// /// ///
    /// /////////
    /// /// Choose me! 🙂

  4. joeROOSTER said

    Patiently Waiting…

  5. Feel like a little kid in the junior school courtyard…

    pick me! pick me!…

  6. Cameron Braun said

    I feel like a kid in line to be chosen for basketball teams… hopefully this time I won’t get picked last.

  7. We should thanks you for allowing us to HELP you!

    *Inspired by Vector
    *Perfected by Hydro74


  8. Steven said

    I cant wait!!!!!

  9. T-Bow said

    Please tell us who won before i pee myself!

  10. Shokenshin said

    *fingers crossed*
    Good Luck everyone!

  11. josh said

    when are you going to name the winners?

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