Hydro Type Book Preview (updated)

June 21, 2007


(just added) HERE ARE SOME NEW PAGES. Right now I’m just placing the files. Once i get all the type layed out, then I can start the fine tuning and tweaks. But here is a preview of some of the pages. I really like the the random, yet somewhat organized.


Here is a rough preview of the book so far. Still in process of gathering up all the type treatments.

Basically all logo books are simple, basically just logos on white pages set up very clean in a nice grid system. I’m still using a grid system for development, however, i was thinking of making this look like a old book. Some pages will be sketched up, others will be like the one above. Over all there are around 200+ pieces that will be in this book. There will also be Quotes from various designers about my work within it and try to make it feel more personal, rather than just a standard logo book

Let me know your thoughts


44 Responses to “Hydro Type Book Preview (updated)”

  1. Jose said

    My first thought is, WHERE DO I GET ONE?!

  2. Gav said

    Nothing short of amazing mate.

  3. Matthew KS said

    so far so good, im sure it’ll be great.

  4. Kyle said

    Really diggin’ it so far. Can’t wait until you get them finished,

  5. Joe Boccia said

    books lookin sweet bro!!

  6. breno said

    this book should be really good. cant wait to take a look at it

  7. Jason said

    I’m digging it. I will pick one up.

  8. I’ll buy for sure! Can’t wait.
    I’ll be ordering my shirt next week too.

  9. joeROOSTER said

    book looks dope. definitly gonna inspire.


  10. Jeff said

    Count me in, I’d like one too. I like the idea of making it old looking.

  11. HNTR™ said

    Isn’t good typography and type treatments one of the most beautiful things we ever seen? 🙂

  12. Rina said

    i really like the coloration (really warm… mmm…) and the style is great. dope arrangement

    now you’ve got me curious… !

  13. Jordan said

    Yeah I can’t wait for this.

    My thoughts on most of the logo books I own/have seen typically look as though they’ve been spit out by machines. More creative and/or personal approaches may make them more intruiging. I’m picturing a hybrid scrapbook/magazine/catalog kind of feel would be really cool.

    Man I can’t wait.

  14. Can’t wait till you finish!!


  15. oh man, i can’t wait to get my hands on this. i’m very glad you’re doing this, especially the sketches part.

  16. KENEDIK said

    Looking good my friend! I’d like to get one of the firsts. Keep me posted and I’ll swing by.


  17. T-Bow said

    I can’t wait to have some Hydro in my hands! yea that was a pretty cheesy line.

  18. Jordan said

    Yeah definitely feeling that look.

    *Also, saw this the other day and thought to myself, ‘that’s so Hydro’…guess I was right

  19. kenneth said


  20. Zak said

    Looking very tempting. I like the old book look.

  21. Jenzzz said

    Excellent! Gimmegimmegimme!
    Will it come with an extra CD with some goodies? 😉

  22. karl said

    Im well keen to get a copy of that book! Lookin really nice!

  23. Falsify said

    This is lookin sick! Los/Dos/Tres Logos for the digital tyranny generation! lol.

  24. dipter said

    The book is excellent, I’ll order one of them, when my paypal account will work!!!

  25. Chris said

    wow this is a must have.

  26. Rina said

    tha’s what i’m TALKIN bout. nice work J

  27. Cameron Braun said

    This is definitely the book I’ve been waiting for. I’ll buy one for sure. Is it going to be hard cover? That would totally rock.

  28. Antonio said

    I want a copy right now!

  29. Paul Wells said

    The book looks great!!!!

  30. tcbrooks06 said

    Awsome as always!! makes me wanna pick up a pen and a pad!

  31. I knew if I left for vacation you would make me feel guilty for it- busting out all this great work while I am away. Looks sick! Like the weathered pages.

  32. hansofnorway said

    SICK! I NEED one!

  33. joeROOSTER said

    that bionic unit piece is sick!!! much props.

  34. KLASSIC82 said

    Looking real good Hydro, definately a book I’d buy, can’t wait to see the final. 100 skill points in my book

  35. Gregg Hicks said

    Josh… It’s been a while since we talked on AIM, but I have followed you work and must say you are doing some amazing things!!! This book will kick ever logo books ASS (well if a book had an ass??) HAHAHA

    I will definitely want one!!!

  36. Shirts are great. Let us know when we can pre-order the books!


  37. hansofnorway said

    OK. Now we NEED some typography tutorials!! 😀
    How did you trace all that ornament stuff on that flat foot thing? Same with GO Dapper. Looks more drawn or done with a pencil or something.. :S

  38. Terrorizer said

    Regards from Mexico City.
    Can’t wait for a copy, the paper texture looks cool!

  39. alrightok said

    glad i waited out on shirts..I want this so much more! looks great man.

  40. mau said

    Yo Josh!

    looks damn cool man! yeah i agree with you on making it in your own style, and not the standard white page, grid system layout. I dont think that would do your work justice.

    so yeah i think thats the way to go man, I like the idea of the scketches beign brought in, also to show the process and evolution of the work.

    it would be cool if ya also wrote about the process for some of the logos as im sure many designers would like to hear about that!

    its looking awesome, and im sure it will turn out

    would like to get one once its done!
    keep it up!


  41. Shokenshin said

    hope this ´ll be available in Germany!

  42. udfd71 said

    Please let us know when it’s available. very cool

  43. I love the oldbook look, it would be different from the super clean look of logo books that i know.
    And gives some texture to the paper.
    I guess it would also combine very well with some heraldic, shields and that kind of logo work that you have.
    And if you show some of the concept that’s behind some logos, that would be great, because many times we just see the end result without knowing the reasons behind some options.
    The quotes is also a very cool idea.


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