June 21, 2007


I will admit, I’m very picky about the music I listen to. And I’m not one to push music off to others because I know everyone has different tastes. However, here are a few artist that I have really been into lately. They are really great, at least for me, to have playing while I work. So if you get a chance, check them out. You may like, or you may hate, but it is what I’m into right now.

The best example I can think of is cinematic shoegazer. It’s different, yet has beautiful qualities. My favorite songs are ‘Hearts On Fire‘ & ‘Springtime
Emusic Link: Rumskib

The Perishers – Let There Be Morning
Mello, depressing and emotional. Just a great album. Check out the song ‘The Weekends
Emusic Link: The Perishers

The National – Boxer
May not be everyone’s liking, but i like the folky, rythmatic sounds and his voice has a rough crispt edge to it. Favorite songs: ‘Squalor Victoria‘ & ‘Brainy
Emusic Link: The National

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
I honestly hate ‘trendy’ music and avoid it. But I decided to check it out finally, and i actually like this album. Not a fan of their last album, but i think the reason is that this album has a slight 80’s throwback. This song ‘Keep the Car Running‘ reminds me of a older 80’s song, can’t think of the artist right now. But check it out sometime.
Emusic Link: Arcade Fire

Feel free to make artist suggestions. I’m always looking for rare and amazing music to listen to.


14 Responses to “Music”

  1. jeff hamada said

    that’s hearts on fire track is totally from the karate kid.. or is that rocky i get the music from those movies mixed up.. nice take on it

  2. Falsify said

    You gotta listen to The Klaxons, not sure how well known they are in the states. They’re rockin me iPod at the mo!!

  3. Ross L said

    I’d have to recommend three Bands:

    The Weakerthans
    Bad Astronaut

  4. bewaredesign said

    check it out..
    the double, voxtrot, home video, okkervil river.. and for and optional taste check the Cultura Profetica from Puertorico..

    in the my space of each band you could find nice music..

    greets! šŸ™‚

  5. Breno said

    You should give “Fear Before The March of Flames” a try. They’re very experimental, sometimes heavy, trippy, spacey but always keeping a melancoly in the air. Try their latest album “The Always Open Mouth”

  6. chad said

    some of my faves…

    Jens Lekman
    Math and Physics Club
    Kings of Convenience
    Rocky Votolato
    The Dears

  7. Jason said

    Cold War Kids
    Portugal. The Man

  8. Naughty said

    try listening to Dizzee Rascal .. his myspace page

  9. Track 6 said

    Right up that indie alley –

    Murder By Death
    Songs to check out: One more notch, Flamencos fuck in easy, Intergalactic menopause, Killbot 2000

    Maybe Isis too for some good background work music. Super chill, somewhat repetitive but still metal.

  10. shawna said

    that new national album is really spectacular, yeah? i’ve got it on heavy rotation too. and -neon bible- is very well put together, even if all the folks who drooled over their previous album are a little bitter about it.

    maybe you’d like califone, maps, and andrew bird?

    and sometimes trendy music ends up being good…

  11. Nice..
    I have been loving The Nationals.. You gotta check out the Handsome Furs. I may have sent you a track..

  12. ryan said

    From what you have listed, you would most likely really enjoy Cougar and Pinback. Cougar is one of the best indie/instrumental albums I have ever heard. Both bands are really chill and very dynamic.

  13. Been Listening to this recently while working:

    Album – Sometimes
    Artist – City and Colour

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