Maxim Magazine & Ride BMX

June 26, 2007


I picked up a copy of Maxim and Ride last night. I did a type treatment for Maxim which turned out great. It wasn’t anything revolutionary, but still looks nice. Also, the new RideBMX is on newsstands. I work with Kink BMX and the back cover is their ad i do up for them. This is probably one of my more favorite ones. However, i was hoping it would of been a little bit more richer in color, so i’ll have to ensure that for the next ad.


12 Responses to “Maxim Magazine & Ride BMX”

  1. Teddy 2 Times said

    Megan Fox is badass

  2. joeROOSTER said

    dope! especially the kink ad.

  3. HNTR™ said

    The Kink ad is really nice!

  4. Phillip T said

    I enjoyed the Maxim ads alot more than the ride!.. haha

    Peace. PT

  5. Smooth said

    Cool! The Kink is great!!

  6. davidmac said

    It’s cool that I saw that before and thought… “man that looks like hydro” and then saw it here… good job man

  7. geesucks said

    Please Support My Blog !

  8. geesucks said

    watch my blog

  9. CHAINSAW said

    that kink illustration is TOPS!! besides the smoke is it all illustrator?

  10. Track6 said

    Saw the kink ad while I was in Borders yesterday. It’s gotta be cool knowing that someone is looking at a _________ that you created all the way across the country.

    Then again, I guess Maxim is international… maybe Troy’s looking at that very ad in France right now…

  11. brian said

    chck da band Tellison. pretty nice tunes

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