June 26, 2007

For the smaller prize:
Which will be stickers, soviet pins, random stuff, ..and much more
#12 – Amanda
#50 – Jeff Hamada
#120 – EzyLee
#238 – JD
#1 – Naughty
#90 – HNTR™
#198 – Jason (
#75 -Adam (
#236 – Steve Davis
#101 – GUFFMAN

which will be stickers, shirts, pins, various things..quite a larger package than the above
#3 – Tyler Thompson (
#111 – mr.Chek (
#249 – Chris – (
#222 – Rob Laliberte
#13 – Matthew KS
#99 – Patric (from Switzerland)
#44 – Costa (
#33 – Chris (
#67 – Fenimore (
#122 – Roland

Various Qee’s, Shirts, stickers pins, etc etc etc.
#89 Dione

email me if your name is on the above list with a address and boom, package goes out.

For those who didn’t win… the first 4 who send me their address will get a silk screen print in the mail!!!


30 Responses to “Winners”

  1. EzyLee said

    Woot! Cheers Josh!

  2. Breno said

    me me me me !

  3. brennan said

    Yeah Hydro!! Way to keep it real.

    I dont know if this is the place to send you my address, but here it is.

    Brennan Nicks
    596 Eagle Drive
    Whiskey Hill #3
    Avon CO 81620

  4. hydro74 said

    find my email address and email me if you want that poster.. 🙂 (ala hint: go to my site and click ’email’ ha)

  5. The Pizz said

    shiiit, id like one,lol

  6. Matthew KS said

    I won.
    Thanks for the contest.

  7. Adrian Moreno
    2701 Cabrillo College Drive
    Aptos, CA 95003

  8. HNTR™ said

    What a nice suprice! Cheers Joshua!

  9. Emily said

    hey! i’d like a screenprint 😀

    12292 adelle st
    garden grove, CA 92841

    mm hopefully you can take our adresses down soon? haha ^^;


  10. you know what…yesterday i dreamed that i lost the contest, despiste of it you gave me a fried chiken!

  11. kenneth said

    take meeeeeeee. I will love 2 have something from you.

  12. kenneth said

    Kenneth Abrahamsson
    Landlyststien 34, 4th.
    2635 Ishoej

    Sorry you need this 😛

  13. chris said

    Yay, I guess even I get lucky sometimes 🙂

    Many thanks Joshua, keep up the great work!

    (you’ve got mail)

  14. shanesart said

    Even though I didn’t win thanks for puttin’ on the random contest. Keep rockin the vector!

  15. Sergio Cueva said

    16 Beech Street
    Belleville, NJ 07109
    United States

  16. nasopwr said

    Thanks Hydro!!
    This is my address.

    Milan Massimiliano
    Via Rosta, 60
    10093 – Collegno (TO) ITALY

  17. Packy said

    Batur N.
    85 Avenue Général Heinsehower
    1030 Brussels

    Thanks Man!

  18. Costa said

    Hip Hip Horray!

  19. Smooth said


    Ivan Lanternier
    lot : crismarte n°5
    La Balme de Sillingy
    74330 – FRANCE

    Good Stuff!

  20. Lard said

    Sad I am that I did not win, but happy for those who did. Consolation prize from my kitchen . . . a donut.

  21. hovy said

    maybe to late but

    Claudio Vögtli
    oberdorfstrasse 9
    8842 Unteriberg

  22. hernancho said

    oh… too late…

  23. LPY said

    damn it!!!….im too late even for the rebound contest

    thanks anyway joshua

  24. jepf said

    congrats all… and me jealous he he

  25. bewaredesign said

    aaaw 😦

    the next one will be mine ! :{

  26. Shadzilla said

    I aint win. Im not suprised, though. LOL!!!


  27. Strator said

    Doesn’t pay to be on the west coast. not early enough…

  28. JR said

    I am really mad I didnt win for some reason.. 😡 even though it was way cool of you to throw the contest.

    Piss off world

  29. geesucks said

    check my blog for free vector!

  30. Hey Josh,
    Thanks so much for sending the prize out. I am pretty excited. I am happy I got to be a winner. Thanks man.

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