Rabbit Illustration V.2

June 29, 2007


Here it is thus far. Still some flat spots, and I’m not sure if i’m feeling it yet. It needs something, but i can’t place my finger on it. Maybe once I start with the actual layout and plug this into a ornate oval, it might come to life.

I do like it, however not sure if i’m 100% on it. any suggestions?


11 Responses to “Rabbit Illustration V.2”

  1. Amazing. The ear in the foreground looks a little wierd though. It’s so bright compared to the rest. Maybe more shadow on the inside and let the higlights move towards the top and foreground of the ear rather than the inside?

  2. Just so you know, I might not have a clue what I’m talking about…

  3. frankie said

    Looks good..I’d consider smoothing it out some and more subtle with the hair – unless they are looking for a grungier rabbit. If thats the case more crazy hair. Also perhaps make the neck more connected to the body rather than chin-like as well as the back of the head. I think with a more recognizable silhouette you could get a way with bigger chunks of hair rather than keeping the details so small..Does this make any sense? I’m probably drunk. I drew a sketch of what I mean and it made sense to me. hit me back if you want me to send it.

  4. breno said

    I dont know which posing you’re thinking for the rabbit, but so far his head seems a little out of place compared to the body.

    Hmm lets see… Maybe you should put more detail to his face. Too much black. but maybe thats the intention…

    Again, like you said, its not finished yet, and i dont know how you’re going to use it, so its very hard to give any suggestions, but there you go.

  5. MQ said

    Freakin’ awesome as usual. I’m with the other guys…the head looks a little off with the body, but not so much proportionally. Distance-wise I think.

    Kind of funny ’cause we found a partial rabbit skull on the sidewalk outside work today. Did you go wabbit hunting for this piece?

  6. Phillip T said

    Well when i first looked at it, i thought it might be a little out of proportion, but now i look at it it seems to fit nicely! I think the face of the rabbit might be too long though, Hares have longer faces but do rabbits? *shrugs*

    Sick illustrations though mate!

    Peace. PT

  7. Track6 said

    Maybe some wicked talons! Or (on a more serious note) some foreground grass done in negative. Sort of like the bear illustration/sticker.

  8. rr said

    invert the colors on a black background

  9. shrav said


    tried sending you some love.. but didnt publish…? anyway hope you get this.. ur work rocks…. so inspirational.


  10. Nick said

    Hello, This is the only way I could find to contact you. I am in a band and I would like to use “rabbit3” in a sticker design/myspace pic.
    I can email you what I’ve done with it, if you like.

    Thank You,
    Nick of
    Night of the Rabbit

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