Skull in Motion

July 31, 2007


Here you go. Few tricks of the trade in there. Thought you would like to see the rough process.


Skull Illustration

July 30, 2007


Working on a Illustration for a client, as well as working on developing a tutorial for Digit Magazine (killing two birds with one stone). Granted, the illustrations will be different, but some of the same structures will apply. So this is the work in progress. Basically, i took my skull I have in my office, did a simple photo of it with my iphone. Didn’t need anything fancy, just a good reference point to start the work. I wanted to give it a little bit more perspective, not as traditional so shot it at a angle. I worked on the line art around the piece, then flipped and modified the illustration. Still quite a bit of work to be done. The next phase is going to be dropping stuff on top and giving some very detail ornate elements coming off of it. I will probably kill the actual eyes and do something different there once it gets closer to what i’m wanting from it.

but yeah, thought you might like to take a peek. i haven’t been able to post much due to the hush hush nature of a few projects. Besides, this is the first time i’m doing a illustration in a while, which feels REALLY nice.

I was checking out some various you tube stuff and ran across this guy. He is utterly amazing.



He has great lyrics, great beats, etc.

Personal Illustration

July 24, 2007


I was checking out a few different things in illustrator and decided to try to do a illustration using some of the features in it. Over all, the technique is pretty sweet, however, the downside is that since it is a swatch pattern, i am limited to the color unless I expand it. But not worries, i will figure it out and own it! (ha)


July 24, 2007


One client that I am enjoying to work for is Pilot. Above is a quick illustration they wanted me to concept out. I thought, for what it is, and the time invested, turned out great. Over the past few weeks I’ve been plugging away at a few type treatments and small illustrations for them. I will admit, it is always nice to have a client super stoked on the pieces you provide them.


This weekend I drove down from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with Troy and go shopping. We stopped in a 3 different surfshops around Highway 1 and pretty much in each store, there was a little hydro74 in there. It was actually quite exciting to either see YWFT elements being used on pieces or just seeing pieces you help birth with some of the companies. Had a great time and was able to get a few things from RVCA & Quiksilver that I wanted, also scored a Real Skateboard from a artist i admire.

The Comet Longboard was done ages ago. However this is one of the first times I saw it at a store. Few new Reef, Quiksilver & Billabong pieces…However Billabong ripped me off again. bastards, (which will be the subject of the next post), but that honestly is a nice problem to have.

Creative Stress…

July 19, 2007


Well, i admit, i never always have the best idea or that concept just dying to make it’s way out of my brain and into my finger so I can click it into exsistance. This morning is a great example. With a few lingering projects that need to be sorted and really no creative fuel to really jump it, i decide just to grab a stack of magazines, and cut them up. Grabbed things that inspired me, or just caught my attention, may it be color, style, or just concept. Granted this isn’t nothing new, but always helps me if i get into a spot where i’m not feeling it.

my advice. if something catches your attention, print it off, cut it out, take a photo of it and tape it to a board in front of your computer.


July 19, 2007


I just recieved my copy of Logology. The books fantastic. In a way, there are quite a few pieces that are in Tres Logos, but also quite a few that are not. This book stands apart because the quality and design is pretty fantastic. I have about 4 or more pages of full type, as well as random ones here and there.

Congrats Troy

July 19, 2007


Troy, a friend and freelancer for Hydro74 got into one of his first ads with Maui & Sons. Congrats bro! This was a project Troy got on his own and isn’t Hydro related, I’m just proud to see friends have success with their artwork!

Hydro at the mall…v2

July 15, 2007


Just got back from another mall. I really don’t go to the mall as much, but maybe I should to see what is going on. Found a couple quiksilver pieces, one of which wasn’t paid for… a little frustrated when i saw that. But saw some other pieces that looked great over at the Quiksilver Store. Also found the new Saliva album, guess my logo for them is doing well. The Rip Curl piece was actually from yesterday when i hit the Rip Curl store. The print looks fantastic and they didn’t change much on it.

It was a great day, checked out some apparel that was for Lucky Jeans, Diesel, Triple 5 Soul and a few others just to see what and where the trends are going. but honestly, the best apparel I saw shirt wise, was stuff that was over at Target. They got some amazing looking prints. Some of the themes are really watered down, but over all the quality of the work makes up for the cheesey themes, then again, it must be hard trying to do stuff for middle america style wise, yet desire to make it feel fresh and unique.