Iphone… sucks so far!

July 1, 2007


Today, my wife and i thought we would take our chances on getting a iphone. They had one 8gig left and a few 4gig left as well. so we snatched one of each. Since i’m not one to fully use my ipod, except when I travel to fly to meet up with clients, i didn’t really need much, so a 4 gig is fine.

However… when we got home, my wife, who was far more excited to play with this, went ahead and started the process. After filling out the things on itunes, and getting set up, we are now waiting for activation. It’s been a number of hours already. We both had Sprint to begin with, and actually liked them. However, it’s hard to pass up this new device. I am glad i didn’t start the process on mine, otherwise i would have no cell phone use, which i need since it’s soul purpose is business phone. I wanted to see if the switch over would be smooth or a pain in the ass. So far, a total pain in the ass.

I called Danny Jones who just recently got a iphone, and his voicemail is the same as my wifes, meaning he is probably still waiting for activation, and i believe he got his yesterday. I love Apple and buy their products faithfully, however, i’m quite upset by this phone. Not because we can’t connect, but because you need activation to even start playing with it, and to me, that is the most important part of the product. What is the first thing you do when you get a new phone… make a ton of phone calls, or start switching your numbers, checking out features, or just playing around to see what it can do… for me, i play before i call. I’m quite tempted to return mine, and wait till the next improvement happens with it 😦

So yeah, so far, i give this the ‘why the hell did we pay so much for something that you can’t tool around with, even if you are waiting to cell service’. It’s probably apple or AT&T, but still, over all, i wouldn’t recommend it right now, only because switching over is a pain and usage is annoying. Once it switches, it might be the end all, be all product. But seriously, as a example, if you finally get your hands on a Nintendo Wii, you get home, plug it in, put in your game, and it doesn’t do anything and you have to wait for Nintendo to ‘activate it’, you would be just as dissappointed.

I will post more on this once it finally gets done, and let you know my thoughts and my wife’s thoughts. I’m pretty sure we’ll think it’s amazing once things are finalized, but then again, i’m scared to see how slow the connections are going to be.


6 Responses to “Iphone… sucks so far!”

  1. sken said

    Hydro…I know the sexiness of the iphone probably lured you and your wife into the frenzy of iphone purchasers..however, i am surprised that you chose to switch from Sprint to this pathetic little phone. Total cost of ownership alone is going to run you and your wife a couple of thousand dollars (each) over the life of the contract. Why not stay with Sprint and purchase the upstage or the new muziq that is coming out in 2 weeks? It’ll cost you far less over the long run and your overall experience will be far better than putting your grubby fingers on the screen every 5 minutes to place a phone call or text message. My two cents….S

    P.S. Not insinuating that you or your fingers are grubby….

  2. Chris said

    jealous. i was talking to danny about that. i’m on tmobile.. oh well.

  3. i decided against the purchase as well… it was missing too many web features (so i’ve heard).

  4. YASLY said

    Ak-Tu-Vay-Ted, and only 48 hours after I bought it!

  5. sammy said

    …and that’s why i’m not sad the phone will not be released until the end of the year in germany. hopefully apple got rid of all the primary problems.


  6. Mark said

    Yeah, no iPhone in Canada so just consider yourself lucky you have one. Waiting 48 hours for activation seems less painful than waiting 6 month for an actual phone. Version 2.0 will be out by then.

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