Iphone… Sucks..only a little now

July 1, 2007

after about 5 hours of waiting, finally got it up and running. I went ahead and got mine going, tomorrow, i’ll have to try to transfer my number. So far, it’s very interesting, but the fact that you have to wait so long to get it going was quite sad!


4 Responses to “Iphone… Sucks..only a little now”

  1. Phillip T said

    Well in the end if it comes of no use, just use it as a shiny accessory and hang it around your neck on a gold chain. Bling Bling.

    Peace. PT

  2. hejz said

    Can’t wait for them here in Poland, but actually i’m a bit afraid of the providers as well 🙂

    Much love J,

  3. Rina said

    dude.. we were up and running within 15 minutes…(by we I mean me and my boyfriend who both got an 8gb) switching from verizon to att…. HAH… i mean i feel there are some things they can work on (like the lame ass 2G network) but man.. i like it! HAH! hooray iphone

    i have a bunch of lines on my plan so i couldnt just buy an iphone and jack it up. i needed to know wtf to do….

    literally verizon fools couldnt help us so we said “FU BITCHES ::flips ’em off” and went over to the att store.

    JOSE was our guy. he was SO OWNING. super nice super quick… we were in and out under 30 min. got home and BOOM activation in no time flat!

    man.. sorry it’s not treating you well so far.. maybe it will grow on ya


  4. Josh, Please contact me. You have a logo that was chosen by the judges for inclusion in LogoLounge Book 4 and we have not been able to get through to you on the phone number you provided. We need you to email us the high Res art yet this week. My phone number is 316 691 8744. Need to hear from you now. Thanks Josh.

    Bill Gardner

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