Hydro74 Color Tribute

July 2, 2007


I’m very flattered by this. The fact that someone has put together a color tribute based on my standard usage in colors is pretty amazing. I never thought about it, nor never really put much effort into those selection, however they are pretty much right on. The fact that they noticed a off black, rather than a straight up black was amazing enought

Check out http://www.colourlovers.com/


3 Responses to “Hydro74 Color Tribute”

  1. Breno said

    pretty cool site.

    I wonder if you start your illustrantions in CMKY or RGB, because I always start mine in CMKY…

  2. Phillip T said

    I’m a RGB man myself. I love using off blacks, 0,0,17(RGB) is a nice one.

  3. zak said

    thats cool. I haved used your pallette in the past also.

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