iphoner = iboner

July 2, 2007

when we got the phones, much like everyone else out there, we had issues getting things sorted. Activation in lesser words was a utter bitch, the fact you couldn’t do anything on the phone while waiting for activation was annoying as hell.

let’s now forget all about that..
the phone is so much fun. the speakers that are set up in it are pretty loud, thus you can get your mp3’s going pretty loud, which is nice. Internet is kinda slow, but then again, it is a phone, so it’s expected. and the design is just amazing. So i am happy now. But any iphone vet will tell you the wait was a royal pain in the ass.

Also, don’t let some snob in the office show off his iphone and get all in your face about it if you didn’t get one or didn’t have a chance to get one. According to Apple, everyone who wants one, will get one. I went in over 24 hour after it’s launch and didn’t have a line, got two iphones and was out of the apple store in less than 15 minutes.


4 Responses to “iphoner = iboner”

  1. Jason said


  2. steve said

    I was one of the dorks waiting in line for hours. 13 to be exact. They wouldn’t tell us how many they got, so there was no way for us to know.

    Oy. I’m such a fanboy.

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