July 9, 2007


One thing I really like todo is playing with typography to create something. sometimes it’s a bit hard because there isn’t much you can do for certian letter combos, but on the other hand, discovering new ways of developing a unque style for a certian typeface is quite fun.

Chris from Dstrukt wanted me to play around with a logo for him. He’s a great friend and just utterly a amazing talent, as well as co partner with Rob for their Devoid project. His logo was quite fun to play with. This is in the rough stage right now.

Also, i had a chance to work on some Puddle Of Mudd branding via a firm out in Seattle. Tried to make it look tattooish, but in the hydro style rather than the Cholo / famous stars and straps style. Turned out decent, a little bit busy, but for that it is, not too bad.

Well, up with a rough week of work, so i will try to post when i can. I decided to take a little break for a few days last week to wrap my head around a couple projects. But yeah, I will throw down some nice things this week.


5 Responses to “Typography…”

  1. YASLY said

    I have both Courier and Brush Script but I can never get mine to look as good as you! Dang, you’re so good!

    Seriously, I love you and I love your work!

  2. shanesart said

    Always amazing Bro!

  3. Dotd420 said

    Effin’ wonderful. Your blog is one of the most interesting ones (to a designer) on the interweb. Please continue to share!

  4. Matt Q said

    yeah, these just reinforce your freakin’ amazing abilities…as usual. quite being so good so we can look a little better!

    haha, love it duder.

  5. I love your work, but I think ‘s’, ‘t’ and ‘r’ in Dstruct are not quite done for this title. The ‘s’ is to big, the ‘t’ might need a curve in lower part(as it ‘flirts’ with the ‘s’ on the left and ‘u’ on the right and would add symetry in ligature with the ‘r’) and the ‘r’ needs an extension(at least in slab serif on the bottom) because I think it looks overbalanced. Puddle of Mudd looks great and so does Quicksilver. This is a friendly suggestion, not an attack:) I am a huge fan and your work inspires me all the time; but I reckon since you mentioned that this is a work in progress, I thought I might add an opinion that is not even necceserally correct:)

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