Cosh | London Gallery Show v3

July 10, 2007


Here are some images from the Cosh Gallery over in London. Images are courtesy of John Cossey. Also got word that the Bear print is sold out. That is fantastic news. Cosh actually sent me one, which still needs to be framed.


9 Responses to “Cosh | London Gallery Show v3”

  1. The ape is still my favourite:)

  2. shanesart said

    Your bear illustration has always been one of my favorite pieces. Glad to see it’s doing so well. Way to represent!

  3. Cameron Braun said

    OH MAN I wanted that bear poster so bad!!!

  4. EzyLee said

    Bear print is one of your best. Will you be reprinting any?

  5. Sam said

    Man they look awesome, Congrats!

  6. Smooth said

    That’s cool! Congrats

  7. MQ said

    Yeah, gonna reprint the bear? It’s definitely one of my favs.

    Congrats on the show man! Glad its gone well!

  8. NIce! I wanna get a slightly custom bird piece from you in a few months for Dans B-Day- Shhh its a secret.

  9. Very interesting! : )

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