Another Damn Script

July 13, 2007


Ha. Well, some people send me emails on how script typography is out dated or retarded or whatever, but all i have to say to that is… I like playing with them, i like the style and well…I just like doing them.

Joking aside. This week was filled with phone call after phone call, apparel design work, typography, etc. The pilot piece is for some promotional stuff some friends are doing and i wanted to play around with it since everything lately has been very ridged and pretty straight forward.

Got some great projects lined up with: CMT, Wyld Styllions, Rossignal, Dakine, Dragon & Hasbro. Just wrapped up some pieces for Transformers this week, but that is all i can say about that (for now). Everything has been pretty hush hush, so i can’t really show anything, so i think this weekend, i’m going to post something good for you hydro-ites to download and use.


8 Responses to “Another Damn Script”

  1. Tommy G said

    Hey just curious – what are some good script fonts that you use as a “base” when you’re playing that you would recommend for a beginner with custom typography? I love your type work and want to try playing with some myself if you’ve got any suggestions.


  2. Pretty Damn Nice. Your compositions alone just make for awesome pieces. Typography’s just sick – no need to blow your bubble. Keep it up – for the majority of designers have typographical ED.

  3. dont stop the script Hydro! love your typography!

  4. Rick said

    Just like all my old 80’s Metallica T-shirts…your script will never go out of style dude. Your inspiration comes from long before we were all into this.

  5. PT said

    Just like my yoyo… your script will never go out of .. oh wait.. crap my yoyo went out of style back in 97’… oh crap man! watch out! hey if your getting all the good clients with you flippin sweet typography then who gives a crap what a couple of ranting knobs say.

    keep up the good work. hey my house mate just recieved his load of stuff he won from your comp, i stole a shirt off him! yeeeoooow!

    Peace. PT

  6. Chris said

    screw that… it’s classic, you can’t hate on classic typography.

  7. Tommy G said

    Hey Hydro – just wanted to see what script fonts you use for “base” fonts to play with – I want to do some more custom typography work but wanted to see if there were some script fonts that you’d suggest to use to start with…

    Thanks & keep up the good work

  8. KLASSIC82 said

    sounds like your busy, and I have to agree w/ everyone klassic script will never die……looking forward to see the transformers stuff…..TIE

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