Hydro at the mall…

July 15, 2007


Did a little shopping today at the Florida Mall, and decided to hit a few stores, couple of which were Rip Curl and Billabong. It was quite the surprise to see stacks of shirts I’ve developed or have been part of all around the stores. And even more suprising was seeing a piece that was never paid for via the client. So it looks like I’m going to send a very high invoice for usage. grrrrr 🙂

On the billabong piece, it is just the typography. What is really annoying, and a major reason why I’m pretty much considering giving up on certian action sports brands is because that type treatment is overly used, as well as part of the Austraila main branding. They pretty much scored a good deal for $300 bucks. You would at least think i would get a slight reach around, or just a email saying thank you, but nope. Then again, i can’t complain that much either, i really do enjoy seeing it around and seeing it in use. There is always something special when you do see your work in action.

We will probably be hitting another mall tomorrow (sunday) to get a few things, so if i see anymore, i’ll post it.


5 Responses to “Hydro at the mall…”

  1. Nice! I popped over to the Rip web site to check it out you have a number of them on it!

  2. PT said

    Damn Billabong, loving your ripcurl threads.

    Peace. PT

  3. I understand what you feel. In one had it’s great that your design can reach so many people, but in the other would be nice to hear from company simple THANK YOU. The problem is you are doing, because you like it for them it’s just a business. They should give you at least some t-shirt for free :D.
    Anyway good luck.

  4. EzyLee said

    I live in Australia, and that billabong type is pretty much on every piece they have at the moment. Heck, even I have a jacket with it on the sleeve.

    I still don’t understand why they won’t ship you out some samples. It is a nice gesture on their part to say ‘thank you’ and gives you a piece for your portfolio.

  5. Az said

    From Australia too – I can’t believe how much they’re using that logo – not just on clothing, I’ve got it on my new wetsuit! And all that for $300! An eye opener that’s for sure! Thanks mate and keep up the brilliant work!

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