Hydro at the mall…v2

July 15, 2007


Just got back from another mall. I really don’t go to the mall as much, but maybe I should to see what is going on. Found a couple quiksilver pieces, one of which wasn’t paid for… a little frustrated when i saw that. But saw some other pieces that looked great over at the Quiksilver Store. Also found the new Saliva album, guess my logo for them is doing well. The Rip Curl piece was actually from yesterday when i hit the Rip Curl store. The print looks fantastic and they didn’t change much on it.

It was a great day, checked out some apparel that was for Lucky Jeans, Diesel, Triple 5 Soul and a few others just to see what and where the trends are going. but honestly, the best apparel I saw shirt wise, was stuff that was over at Target. They got some amazing looking prints. Some of the themes are really watered down, but over all the quality of the work makes up for the cheesey themes, then again, it must be hard trying to do stuff for middle america style wise, yet desire to make it feel fresh and unique.


3 Responses to “Hydro at the mall…v2”

  1. joeROOSTER said

    you said you seen a piece that wasn’t paid for, how do you go about handling that? do you just send them invoices every couple of months or do you just not worry about it? just tryin’ to get some insight.


  2. Dalyla said

    I looooove your work!… i’d die for a tshirt like that… too bad im way to far from U.S..

    Congrats!… keep doing awesome things!…

    with love, dalyla
    margarita, Venezuela

  3. ryan said

    your post raises an interesting question. after you give most companies your finished art they use them as they see fit? colors/placements/etc.? do you even have to pick any of it out for them?

    would be great to know thanks! sick work!

    – ryan

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