Hydro74.. Down Time

July 15, 2007

Hydro74 is switching servers. I’ve decided to go with Media Temple. For a number of years i’ve had free hosting out of the UK, which i am very greatful for, however, with company growth and excessive bandwidth use, i needed something that i could have more admin controls over. So for a short while, the site will be down as i switch. If anyone has, or has used Media Temple, any advice on the server stuff or anything cool i can do with it, please let me know!. one thing i know i’ll need to figure out is making a client log in area too.

Lastly. Does anyone know or use http://bigcartel.com/ for their shopping cart? I’m very interested, however, there wasn’t much on there to read about how it is used? If anyone has any suggestions because soon the books will be in and doing some more colab shirt pieces that i would like to keep inventory on as well as a nice shopping cart. So yeah, any suggestions are very welcomed.



13 Responses to “Hydro74.. Down Time”

  1. Matt said

    Hey there… this is Matt from Big Cartel. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now. 😉

    You can read the basics of Big Cartel at: http://blog.bigcartel.com/big-cartel-101/

    Or you can just contact me and I’ll answer any other questions you might have.

  2. Tyler said


    I have used bigcartel since they opened for business. It is a great little service that makes administering products very easy. The only downside is that it is strictly through paypal, which is minor really. But they offer you the option to use a custom domain and style with css. I think they are a great low cost option. Good luck.

  3. Ralph Partida said

    Okay, let’s start with media temple, the company that i’m a partner in has been using them for like 3 years. their uptime is very robust and everything has been great. but, over the last year they changed servers or some host technology or something. which unfortunately has me disappointed in them. they took away the ability of our customers to FTP to our server (we are a mid size print company) so it kinda sux. we did however figured out a work around but we lost the ability to send customers to our ftp site to download huge files. so i would definately double check about the client log in area. when i called tech support about why our ftp capabilities was lost, they replied it was no longer available. they said it was a security risk for their servers or something lame like that.

    As for BigCartel, I personally chose Shopify instead. the difference is you can post as many products for free. they charge a 3% commission on items sold. if nothing sells, you owe ’em nothing. that’s how they make ends meet. with BigCartel you pay a flat fee per month if you have, I believe more than 5 items. with Shopify you pay nothing per month for as many items you like. and just like BigCartel, you can customize the themes. plus the admin section is pretty pimp. the inventory section is sewed up pretty tight as well.

    here’s a link to my store:

    and this one is cool:

    also, I close with this, there’s no where on the site where it says Shopify. as for the BigCartel I believe it has to say BigCartel on your site.

    anyhow, if you have any questions about Shopify, give me a holler.

  4. Biggz said

    my boy at manmadeclothing.com uses big cartel. throw him an email , he will let you know the deal

  5. Lee said

    Use Shopify! (www.shopify.com) much muhc better system with loads of development going on!

  6. I use Big Cartel, ampedapparel.com very easy to use for me. Nice, clean admin interface. Easy to make a customized site with some small css editing. Good luck

  7. we’ve set up shopping carts using big cartel also. drop me an email if you got any specific questions about it.

  8. Marcus said

    I use Big Cartel for the band I manage, Castine (http://castine.bigcartel.com). Its great so far but only works with PayPal. E-mail me if you have any questions.

  9. Ralph Partida said

    btw, with Shopify you can use any payment gateway you prefer. they’re both genius shopping carts, it just comes down to personal preference. couldn’t really go wrong with either one.

  10. Camron said

    I currently use X-Cart but will be switching to the sexy new http://www.magentocommerce.com/

  11. hey josh,

    i’ve been a big fan for a while…you’re stuff is amazing.

    anyway media temple is not that bad, the support is probably the best in the industry, they always know their stuff, and if you call late at night the staff will pretty much lend you knowledge on anything you need as far as developing your site goes…

    I’ve only used a few project managers, but they have both gotten the job done.

    Basecamp, which I quit using to save some cash, is the leader in the field, and pretty does everything you need…but there are some limitations, like you have to pay more for a certain number of projects, and there are bandwidth and storage limitations at certain pay levels (which could hurt with the size of your files) http://www.basecamp.com

    ActiveCollab, which is the poor man’s basecamp, is basically the same thing, with a couple of missing features (like live chat), but…..it’s free. You install it on your server (it’s cake and takes ten mintues), and the only limit on file size and bandwidth is your mediatemple account. Plus you can skin it (or download themes from other users) and put your logo everywhere (not possible with basecamp)…I’m using it right now and its pretty sweet for being free… http://activecollab.com

    There’s another, newer service called ConceptShare, that I wouldn’t really need (mostly web), but looks like it would kick ass for what you do…check out the demo videos and such. http://conceptshare.com/


  12. oh, and the Grid Server from media temple has a one-click install of wordpress on your server…you just hit the button and you can move this blog to hydro74.com/blog or whatever…

  13. dave said

    I use Big Cartel, and love it.
    The customer service goes above and beyond.

    And the big selling point for me was, the service keeps track of inventory.
    I highly recommend it!

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