Typography Book Update

July 15, 2007



Well, due to just being busy with various projects, I am about 90% done with the book. I have a few more pages to sort out, do a simple print out, and check to make sure the flow seems correct. My plans are to get this over to the printer asap, however one thing is needed. Who wants to edit my text and double check the my wording on a few paragraphs in the book. Would love your help. I’ll gladly pay you for your time.

The attached image is the cover (thus far) will have some changes to it probably, but i wanted something simple. I was thinking of a old book feel, but maybe going a little mahogany with it and keeping it straight forward might be the trick.

*Just so you know. Legacy of Defeat is a side project of Hydro74. I’m going to be using that as a way to sell a few books I would like to develop, as well as colab print pieces i do with a few designers. The first Legacy of Defeat book will be a perfect bound full color book featuring some apparel designers in the industry and will soon be looking for submissions. The concept is simple. Legacy of Defeat implies that we all work in a faceless industry and most of us hide behind the name of the company we work for, or are hidden, thus we never get any due credit for pieces that we do that revolutionize the systems that are defining the companies we are involved with. The project is to bring forth these people, show who they are, what they do and give them the just deserved respect that is entitled to them. It’s something i’ve been passionate about for quite sometime now, so once the main title is produced, it can become a series.


23 Responses to “Typography Book Update”

  1. Lee said

    looks sweet. will I be able to get a copy here in the UK?

  2. tony said

    My wife has done editing and proof reading before. She also currently does freelance writing for ACT (the college testing company). She would love to do it. Drop me an email if you’re still looking for someone.

  3. How about in Chile?…

    would love to get my hands on that book…

  4. Ian said

    I am feelin the cover(I like the simplicity of it), I can’t wait to pick one up.

  5. ender79 said

    I can edit the text for you. You can send me an email to hash out details. I’ve appreciated your work since you were at Relevant, so it would be an interesting opportunity to work with you (even in a small way) on a project.

  6. EzyLee said

    Yeeeeow! Book is looking ace! Can’t wait for the release!

  7. joeROOSTER said

    book looks dope! i definatly need to get a copy


  8. daniel said

    is this book offset printig or digital printing? what about the price?

  9. Shokenshin said

    looking great! dev will buy one when it´s done!

    Cheers from Germany!

  10. Zak said

    Cant wait. Ive mailed a bud who is an english wiz to contact you regarding the edit.

  11. Erock said

    Can’t Wait. Looks Amazing. How do I get one?

  12. dirtyhans said

    lookin good!

  13. If you need proofing/editing, send me an email Joshua.

  14. sammy said

    legacy of defeat, a good idea!
    keep goin’ strong on this,
    all the best to you,

  15. MQ said

    I’d be glad to give an edit to the book if you’d like another eye skimming around.

    I’m syked about the book dude!

  16. KLASSIC82 said

    Thats whats up, man lookin sexy sweet can’t wait to check it out……..keep up the great work.

    much love dro

  17. Put me down for one.


  18. Trivo said


    Mate long time fan, first time comment. I love your work with type and just everything you do. I have to get my hands on this book when it comes out. Hit me back if you have a mailing list or something so I know when it comes out. Keep up the amazing work man,
    Much Respect,

  19. ArtcoreGfx said

    count me in.

  20. I’m down for one too!

    Will it be available for online shoping?


  21. Rina said

    p.s. i want one

  22. shanesart said

    Excellent choice for the cover bro! I will definitely be ordering one!

    Also, I got my T-shirt order in the mail the other day and I have to say that the shirt is of premium quality and the stickers rock! Thanks again – S

  23. Sam said

    Man that is amazing, you must be well proud of that? Can’t wait to see the finished thing. Love the design…..catch you laters!

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