Congrats Troy

July 19, 2007


Troy, a friend and freelancer for Hydro74 got into one of his first ads with Maui & Sons. Congrats bro! This was a project Troy got on his own and isn’t Hydro related, I’m just proud to see friends have success with their artwork!


6 Responses to “Congrats Troy”

  1. Tyler said

    Being a small design firm, how do you go about getting contacts and work with companies like burton, vans etc.?

    Where do you even start?



  2. I only did the graphic used for a tee that they printed in the corner – The add was done by someone else. Thanks man.. Still stoked to see my work.. whoever lays it out.

  3. shanesart said

    Mad props Troy! The graphic makes the ad. – S

  4. MattQ said

    Holla Troy! good work my man! the art looks awesome!

  5. techvector said

    I like your blurry photo technique Josh!
    haha! kidding ….you guys are design monsters, bout to knee cap the both of ya!

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