Creative Stress…

July 19, 2007


Well, i admit, i never always have the best idea or that concept just dying to make it’s way out of my brain and into my finger so I can click it into exsistance. This morning is a great example. With a few lingering projects that need to be sorted and really no creative fuel to really jump it, i decide just to grab a stack of magazines, and cut them up. Grabbed things that inspired me, or just caught my attention, may it be color, style, or just concept. Granted this isn’t nothing new, but always helps me if i get into a spot where i’m not feeling it.

my advice. if something catches your attention, print it off, cut it out, take a photo of it and tape it to a board in front of your computer.


9 Responses to “Creative Stress…”

  1. shanesart said

    I do the same thing. It’s rough to have 15 different books or mags open and scattered around the room trying to get inspiration. Although I had to scanning and printing the pages instead of cutting them. Who knows when you need something in them later! – S

  2. MattQ said

    yeah, I don’t think there’s enough sugar skulls up there dude. work on that.


  3. Ian said

    One thing I do is whenever I see something that really catches my eye, I tear it out or scan it than place it in one of those clear plastic sheets and put it into a binder. That way If i ever need to get the juices flowing I just pop it open and tear through all the cool inspiration. That usually works for me.

  4. Andy said

    I use my second monitor to show inspiration via thumbnails and slideshows while working in my first monitor….very handy

  5. HNTR™ said

    Taking a walk in the city or out in the woods, listening to music, watching people and shops works very well for me. Always good to do something else when you’re blacking out and can’t come up with any good ideas.

  6. karl said

    I do exactly the same plus have about 20 jpegs dotted around my page in the style i want to achieve just so i dont get side tracked!

  7. Joe said

    Couldn’t agree more. I tear so much stuff out of mags, books etc.,

  8. I usually call you up and shoot my ideas at you when I am in a bind-
    Is this good-
    what about this-
    I know this idea is good.
    No but seriously – talking with other creative people and brainstorming with other people helps..

  9. KLASSIC82 said

    Great idea, I’ve been meaning to do something like this, mabyee now’s the time….

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