July 19, 2007


I just recieved my copy of Logology. The books fantastic. In a way, there are quite a few pieces that are in Tres Logos, but also quite a few that are not. This book stands apart because the quality and design is pretty fantastic. I have about 4 or more pages of full type, as well as random ones here and there.


6 Responses to “Logology”

  1. shanesart said

    Excellent! Another good book for insipration and it has the Hydro work in it. Can’t beat that. Thanks – S

  2. Oh, I’d love to get my hands on that!
    Almost $50… I’ll have to save for a while. (I used my b-day cash for my killer Hydro Skull shirt!)

  3. Cameron Braun said

    Pale in comparison to the wicked Hydro Typography book! Oh I can’t wait!!!

  4. Rina said

    hey definitely pick up this book, it’s *really* well done. (and i’m not just saying that because i’m in it too. Haha 😛

    It’s a beautiful thing to feel and touch. We miss a lot of that with the web and all… But you can’t replicate that tactile quality

    and has a really nice selection of work… From all over

    Definitely a great addition to any library

  5. Jeff said

    Awesome man! I just bought myself a copy to have around the office. Good stuff.

    How do you get in so many books Josh? How do you find out about them to submit? From my experience submitting is a long and arduous process, filling out release forms for each and every design, yada yada. What do you suggest?

  6. Perre said

    Yea i got that book a while ago, its amazing sweet, wish to get in there eventually 🙂

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