Personal Illustration

July 24, 2007


I was checking out a few different things in illustrator and decided to try to do a illustration using some of the features in it. Over all, the technique is pretty sweet, however, the downside is that since it is a swatch pattern, i am limited to the color unless I expand it. But not worries, i will figure it out and own it! (ha)


9 Responses to “Personal Illustration”

  1. Dermot said

    Looks great!!!!

  2. Looks good. The halftone is a swatch pattern? Or are you talking about the subtle texture on the bird’s breast?
    Anyhow, I really like it. the 2 color version on the tee looks hella good!

  3. work it out, print it out, and sell it. i want one.


  4. Track 6 said

    I’ve found that the best way to create subtle halftone features is to take the artwork (or section of the artwork) into Photoshop, create your gradient or even use a brush to add shadow and highlights in grayscale mode – and then IMAGE>MODE>BITMAP. Use a Halftone screen, change the shape to round and play with the settings until it looks cool.

    Once you have your bitmap, you can save it as a .TIFF and place it in Illustrator, which still enables you to alter the color, or you can Live Trace the image in Illustrator to use ii as vector and have a little more control over it.

    [Note: If you don’t have Ill. CS2 or above, you can still create a vector from your pattern by selecting all of the black (once converted back to grayscale) and creating a path – then FILE>EXPORT>PATHS TO ILLUSTRATOR. This process creates WAY too many points and the file size will be very cumbersome, but it’s a hell of an alternative to shelling out a couple hundred bucks on a CS upgrade!]

  5. Yo- just grab the swath drag it to the desktop on change the color the drag the swatch with new color back into you pallett.

  6. latchkey said

    What twhitedesign said. I do that for all my swatch patterns. Works perfectly. For more indepth changed expand the pattern(delete the clear one object it leaves) then edit away.

  7. MQ said

    DO IT!!! It would look ill on my calve.

    good work Josh!

  8. defunct said

    I love this piece.

    How do you feel about people getting tattoos of your designs, is it a no-no or are you cool with it?

    Do you do any pieces with tattoos in mind? I’d love a full sleeve of your work.

  9. Steve said

    I want one BAD!

    This one is just sick!

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