Skull Illustration

July 30, 2007


Working on a Illustration for a client, as well as working on developing a tutorial for Digit Magazine (killing two birds with one stone). Granted, the illustrations will be different, but some of the same structures will apply. So this is the work in progress. Basically, i took my skull I have in my office, did a simple photo of it with my iphone. Didn’t need anything fancy, just a good reference point to start the work. I wanted to give it a little bit more perspective, not as traditional so shot it at a angle. I worked on the line art around the piece, then flipped and modified the illustration. Still quite a bit of work to be done. The next phase is going to be dropping stuff on top and giving some very detail ornate elements coming off of it. I will probably kill the actual eyes and do something different there once it gets closer to what i’m wanting from it.

but yeah, thought you might like to take a peek. i haven’t been able to post much due to the hush hush nature of a few projects. Besides, this is the first time i’m doing a illustration in a while, which feels REALLY nice.


8 Responses to “Skull Illustration”

  1. Dermot said

    This is SICK!!! Great Work

  2. AlfonsoR said

    Wow.. this is amazing, special the small details..

    looks realy great!

  3. Mike said

    Wonderful work Josh:) great linework:) can’t wait to see it finished:)

  4. Awesome. I love the upper teeth how they’re just off-center. And the detail of the lower jaw leading up to the teeth look sick too.

  5. HNTR™ said

    Really fun to see how your “behind the scenes” work process with the illustration is! Cool.

  6. oliver said

    way to name drop the iphone

  7. Lee said


    Whens the book out?

    I emailed you but you might not have got it.

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