August 23, 2007


Books finally came in today. There was a small delay because the printer ran out of paper stock for it, but got it sorted pretty quickly. Already have most of the first orders packaged up and ready to go out. The postal service is going to loath me when i come in. I’ll have to bring a small army because each box is super heavy.


New Specs

August 23, 2007


The other night i was taking a short nap to catch up on some much needed sleep. those 4-5 hour nights of sleep get you after a while. so as i was waking up after a hour nap, i heard a little snap… noticed i broke my glasses. so i had to go out and find a new pair. Now, i have a big head (with a big brain…yeah…big brain) so it’s hard to find the right pair. But i did. Actually like them more than my other ones.

So yeah, here is a image of them.
i will also post some new illustration stuff here before the end of the week. Right now i’m wrapping up packing orders on the books. I’ll throw up some screen shots of that as well.

Over 110 pre-orders!

August 19, 2007

Wow, i wasn’t expecting that by any means. Don’t worry though, there are plenty left. There is a decent amount that is being printed.

Couple things on the news front. Wrapping up final details on about 10 decks for Plan B Skateboards. It’s a fun project. Once the boards hit the trade show floor, and i get my samples in, i will post them. A couple of my friends have seen them as they progress and seem like they dig them. Also, wrapped up 2 illustrations for Rip Curl. Troy White (a.k.a. Hydro-Grunt) assisted on two pieces that turned out fantastic.

This next week before Magic, over in Vegas, I will be sorting out some Motorcycle Helmets, and putting touches on some Car ads that are coming in from Europe. If all goes to plan, Legacy of Defeat should be in process of launching a mini-book / magazine based on Apparel designers. Once the site is finally sorted, details will be there for those interested or who would love to submit. There are also plans on launching a very small line of shirts as well as a special colab with Reggie over at Tech Vector on a high end button up. This is a very exciting time of the year, and as it progresses, I know I am very excited to see how next year pans out. so with all that said, I highly appreciate your comments and just being into my work enough to give me the motivation to keep pushing. So thank you!


August 17, 2007


Just got back from the printer with my copies for one final proof. Everything looked solid. One small error, but already fixed. With that said, books will be in Tuesday Night, or early Weds afternoon, the 21st & 22nd, and will be shipping out through the 22nd-23rd. Thanks for all your support, I am very excited about the launch of this project, and the building of Legacy of Defeat.


Here is the Hydro74 Collection book that i’m producing. It is 74 pages filled with print pieces, apparel pieces, Illustrations and typography. This is going to be released at the same time as the typography book. Not sure where the price point is going to be for this, however it might be in the same range as the other, but i will do a deal for both if someone really wants both.

there are a couple small issues that i need to have the printer fix, however, this should be done by the end of next week as well.


Here you go!. This is the preview of the book. It is quite a bit skinner than what i expected, but still packed with over 250+ type pieces & illustrations. Over all, i haven’t noticed any major problems with it, looks like everything was in order, just need to double check the spelling on a few things, and make a couple minor shifts with things, and by the end of next week, this book will be live.

Right now, even though it is pretty skinny, I am thinking of pricing this around the $30-35 mark, only because it is quite a bit of work and inspiration involved and this project isn’t going to be mass marketed. It is a piece of Hydro74 and pretty much covers quite a bit of pieces and styles. Let me know your thoughts, I don’t want to make it too expensive, but on the same token, i don’t want to make it too cheap either since it is such a massive collection.

Another Illustration

August 9, 2007


Here is another illustration i cranked out today. I can’t really show the whole thing as of yet since it’s for a client and i don’t want to piss them off too much, however i am pretty happy with it so far. Still some detail work that needs to be finalized and developing the rest of the layout.

Tomorrow I’m heading over to the printer to proof the books, quite excited. hopefully everything will be pretty solid so that i can have the books in by the end of next week!!!!


Sorry for the lack of posts here. It’s been quite a busy time since the last post. In the middle of buying a house, working client projects and planning for my trip to Vegas at the end of the month. Good news however, the Typography book is being printed right now along with a 74 page Hydro74 Collection book. Those will be very limited but has quite a bit of work in it, i’ll post more on it later.

Now, these illustrations are a mix of somewhat client requests and somewhat me just playing around. They are still works in progress, no real motive here, just trying to bring a more mature value to my work. Also trying to make things a bit more dramatic in my lighting and detail work. Believe it or not, the illustrations themselves don’t take as long as you might think, it’s just a matter of have a few hours of alone time with the computer and turning off email and the phone.

I got some cool things in the works with some great clients, but we’ll see and i’ll post more on it once it goes live and is fully in production.

Asian Demon V.2

August 2, 2007


There are always two forms of illustration work. First being, you hate it, you just want to get it done, and the Second, one that you love and you want to keep going till it’s done. Well, this is right there at the second point. I’m having too much fun with this piece. I haven’t decided what the true goal of this. I’ll probably tweak this out and make it part of the promo stuff i’m working on for Magic.

But with that said, i actually have some client work that needs to be done, so i’ll have to take a break from this piece for now. But looks pretty damn rad so far.

Asian Demon

August 2, 2007


Here is something i just had to do tonight, just had the urge to illustrate this. Still rough and some tweaking and going to build out some custom elements for this piece.