Asian Demon V.2

August 2, 2007


There are always two forms of illustration work. First being, you hate it, you just want to get it done, and the Second, one that you love and you want to keep going till it’s done. Well, this is right there at the second point. I’m having too much fun with this piece. I haven’t decided what the true goal of this. I’ll probably tweak this out and make it part of the promo stuff i’m working on for Magic.

But with that said, i actually have some client work that needs to be done, so i’ll have to take a break from this piece for now. But looks pretty damn rad so far.


13 Responses to “Asian Demon V.2”

  1. Rina said


  2. shanesart said

    Freakin’ Dope!!!

  3. shanesart said

    Now this is a print that I would buy in a heartbeat. You definately captured the Asian feel.

  4. MQ said

    You’re right. Freakin’ rad man. it’s looks awesome!

  5. Dermot said

    Soooooooooo dope

  6. PT said

    Dope Freakin’!

  7. Bryan said

    That’s sick, keep up the good work.

  8. Dave said

    Thats amazing!
    How much would one of your clients expect to pay for something with some much detail

  9. Zak said

    The ricky Hatton of this drawing game! Knocking folk out!

  10. Holy crap! You’re amazing. So intence!

  11. alex said

    DUDE!! I would loooove to get my grubby hands on that piece and color it!!

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