Asian Demon

August 2, 2007


Here is something i just had to do tonight, just had the urge to illustrate this. Still rough and some tweaking and going to build out some custom elements for this piece.


12 Responses to “Asian Demon”

  1. shanesart said

    Sick ass piece! Beautifull line work. Can’t wait to see the finished product. – S

  2. zak said

    nice. i can see this like a wall mounted hunting trophy!

  3. Lee said

    how in gods name do you get that hair effect?

  4. Gav said

    awesome, pure awesome

  5. snickars said

    Damn you beat me to it, i’ve been thinking of doing a deamon for a while now. Don’t think my version will come out as awesome as this!

  6. Rina said

    Aisian = hot

    but he scares me!!

    hahahahaha its a great piece of art though. nice.

  7. Cameron Braun said

    One night? You’re crazy man. Awesome, I love it.

  8. KLASSIC82 said

    Looks great man, you really crank these out…..You have such control over your lines its crazy. Great stuff man keep it up.

  9. MQ said

    Josh I think you are the 9th wonder of the world. This is freakin’ sick. Great work, can’t wait to see it finished!

  10. Awesome! I love the veins in his eyes!

  11. Nathan said

    Now this is badass.

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