New Illustrations | Works in Progress

August 8, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts here. It’s been quite a busy time since the last post. In the middle of buying a house, working client projects and planning for my trip to Vegas at the end of the month. Good news however, the Typography book is being printed right now along with a 74 page Hydro74 Collection book. Those will be very limited but has quite a bit of work in it, i’ll post more on it later.

Now, these illustrations are a mix of somewhat client requests and somewhat me just playing around. They are still works in progress, no real motive here, just trying to bring a more mature value to my work. Also trying to make things a bit more dramatic in my lighting and detail work. Believe it or not, the illustrations themselves don’t take as long as you might think, it’s just a matter of have a few hours of alone time with the computer and turning off email and the phone.

I got some cool things in the works with some great clients, but we’ll see and i’ll post more on it once it goes live and is fully in production.


13 Responses to “New Illustrations | Works in Progress”

  1. Syn said

    WOW dude..
    Rally Digging them so far Its amazing how you can bust these and say they dont take so long dude much respects !

  2. Mike said

    Man.. these are great:) keep posting:)

  3. Matt Q said

    Yeah man, I’m loving this new obsession/client respect for the asian inspired masks! I’m definitely on the pre-sale list for the H74 typo and books!

    I await word on those πŸ˜‰

    Much respect Josh.

  4. EzyLee said

    Looking good as always mate, good luck with the house thing, I am going through that at the moment too.

    Shotgun Hydro books! πŸ™‚

  5. PT said

    Mm Really looking forward to these books mate.

    Love the illustrations.

    Peace. PT

  6. OMG, that’s a wonderfull piece of work! Bravo bro… Thanks!

  7. shanesart said

    Hydro… Awesome work as always! Your work has always had a more polished look than most and the new images are looking even better. Keep rockin’ the good work brotha!

    Now bring on the “Legacy” – S

  8. zak said

    Great, i esp like the eagle thus far. Good luck with the moving AND Vegas…. im camping lol

    I wana shotgun both books too πŸ™‚

  9. Falsify said

    Hey Josh,

    Bad ass work again! Do they sel linspiration in bottles where you live cos you whack these out like regular. Fair play matey!

    I want in on your books too! Biggles!

    Stay cool, peace out, reach for everything


  10. You’re killing me! It may not take you too long, but and illustration like yours would be an all day (and night) project for me. Great work. I love the tiny little details like the creaks and scratches. Looking forward to your books also!

  11. hans said

    sick! need that book NOW! πŸ˜€

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