Hydro Typography Book Proof

August 10, 2007


Here you go!. This is the preview of the book. It is quite a bit skinner than what i expected, but still packed with over 250+ type pieces & illustrations. Over all, i haven’t noticed any major problems with it, looks like everything was in order, just need to double check the spelling on a few things, and make a couple minor shifts with things, and by the end of next week, this book will be live.

Right now, even though it is pretty skinny, I am thinking of pricing this around the $30-35 mark, only because it is quite a bit of work and inspiration involved and this project isn’t going to be mass marketed. It is a piece of Hydro74 and pretty much covers quite a bit of pieces and styles. Let me know your thoughts, I don’t want to make it too expensive, but on the same token, i don’t want to make it too cheap either since it is such a massive collection.


42 Responses to “Hydro Typography Book Proof”

  1. Syn said

    Sweet. Book looks Ill..
    how many Peices you palnning on making ? i would really love to get my hands on it im scred that when you bring it out there gonna be sold already !!

  2. Blake said

    I could do $35 for a single copy of the typography book and like $50 for it and the promotional book… But that’s up to you. Where can we purchase it?

  3. Holy Lord. I am so excited. I think $30-$35 sounds pretty reasonable. That would make it $60-$70 for the pair and that’s on par with other stuff on the market (Books like the Los Logos series and Logology).

  4. falsify said

    I so want these!! Please dont sell ’em all by 24th…haha


  5. AlfonsoR said

    wow.. i want both of them!!

    looks prety good dude..

    i think the price sound reasonable..

  6. Ektopia said

    Yup, the price seems just right in my opinion. Good luck with it; it looks great.

  7. josh said

    good price, will this book give us insight to your process? that is what has interested me in your typography, is your process.

  8. Cameron Braun said

    That price seems reasonable to me. I’ll be buying both if I can convince the wife.

  9. Kyle said

    Dude! Sign me up for both!

  10. can’t wait to get that book…

    Keep that work coming Hydro…

  11. KLASSIC82 said

    NICE, man its nice to finally see this thing. I think that is a very justafiable cost, I definately want one, for sure. Looks great man, truly insperational.

  12. I wouldnt charge any less than $50.. You and I both know you drop a ton of money for any good book.

  13. Phillip R. said

    Haha, nice. After seeing the Split work you’ve done…its obvious that the t-shirt i bought a couple weeks ago was done by you.
    I thought when i picked it up “this looks like some hydro type”….got it at Ross, $5. what a deal πŸ˜‰

  14. I want both.. you should have a pre-sale…

  15. Jasper said

    Both books look amazing and I hope you’re up for shipping them to Denmark when they’re ready.
    Your work is fantastic!

  16. Matthew KS said

    looking’ good!
    When can we preorder?

  17. snickars said

    seems like it’s gonna be a sweet piece. Just to get my juices flowing a bit more; which sorts of paper and weight did you use? is it uncoated all through? once again, great job!

  18. snickars said

    now that i look at the pics i reckon you chose a coated paper for the inlay(? don’t know what the eng. word is)…..

  19. tom said

    Hi Hydro,

    the books look amazing so far. I think the price is ok and if there will be a discount for both books it would be great. I will order definitively both and hope you’ll get it shipped to a reasonable price to germany.

    keep on rockin’


  20. I’d go 35 for it. NO worries. Sign me up.

  21. hovy said

    Hey Hydro,

    I think the price is okey, and like tom said, a discount for both would be grate. Cause my biggest probleme is that i live in switzerland, and the shipping will cost a lot of money. But i defenetliy buy bouth, cause they look awsome so far! respect

  22. Andres Yourself said

    Yeah the combo deal sounds great…it makes sense. And the price is flipping perfect. no worries.

    just a thought- i would definitely promote the book on myspace with a banner that people can put on their profiles and in bulletins.

    i’m on the edge of my seat waiting to click a Buy button or something.
    thanx for putting these books together chief.

  23. Jordan said

    Looks just great. Can’t wait to check these (both!) out!

  24. Yeah- any sort of coupon towards a future purchase would be great.. Maybe you should throw in some free twisty bread.
    Just playin

  25. RYan said

    Cant wait to pick both these up. Let us know when we can order.

  26. SNNene said

    Both books are off the hook!
    I want them both. Already collectables if you ask me πŸ™‚
    Scoop me up on shipments are ready to go.

  27. B-Ill said

    Looks like its going to be a pretty nice book. I will be picking one up as soon as its released.

  28. oli said

    of course i’ll by it. 35 bucks (25 euros) are ok i think.



  29. oli said


    “buy” (not by).


  30. Jason said

    Book looks good but I think $30-35 is a little pricey. Shepard’s hard cover book was super thick and only $35. I would say maybe $20?

  31. steve said

    gaahhhh. i can’t wait to get mine!

  32. Jenzzz said

    Gimmegimmegimme! πŸ˜‰

  33. Chaser said

    Both of the books look ill Joshua. The $30-35 price points sounds fair. A combo deal would be great.

  34. KENEDIK said

    Sounds Good Josh! Everyone is ready for it.

  35. shanesart said

    Awesome! Fantastic work as usual! Keep it up – S

  36. Brodean said

    $50 for both would suit; especially when I get stung for the shipping to the UK…!

    Inspiring work!

  37. The price is ok.

    Just let me know how to purchase your book.

    Congratulations for the release!

  38. Anthony said

    Sounds great. How will I be able to purchase everything?

  39. Stan said

    No problem with the price… Just make sure you ship it worldwide dude !

  40. […] beträgt 35$ (~26€). Fairer Preis. Einige kleine Snippets aus dem Buch gibt es in seinem Blog zu sehen. Portfolios   hydro74, illustrationen, portfolio, […]

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