Hydro74 Promotional Collection

August 10, 2007


Here is the Hydro74 Collection book that i’m producing. It is 74 pages filled with print pieces, apparel pieces, Illustrations and typography. This is going to be released at the same time as the typography book. Not sure where the price point is going to be for this, however it might be in the same range as the other, but i will do a deal for both if someone really wants both.

there are a couple small issues that i need to have the printer fix, however, this should be done by the end of next week as well.


37 Responses to “Hydro74 Promotional Collection”

  1. Syn said

    WHOhoo.. I really want booth

  2. Jason said

    I’m With Syn… I really want both.

  3. Oh dear, I think I just wet myself. Both please!

  4. falsify said

    Hey Josh,

    I really want both! How many are you getting printed up. I dont get paid until the 24th and i dont wanna miss out!

    Peace out hombre

  5. Frank said

    Whoa, Sign me up for both books please!!

  6. Ian said

    Looks bad ass. Nice work. I will definatly be picking those up.

  7. Dman said

    How can we get both!! Really want em! Where can we buy! I can pay today!

  8. Paul said

    Hi Josh,
    Count me in for both as well!

  9. 57 Even said

    I also need both Josh.. Hook a brother up..

  10. PT said

    Holy Crap.
    Copy of both too mate.

    Peace. PT


  12. dickiejones33 said

    are you taking any kind of pre-orders? you know you are going to sell out of these things. sign me up for both as well. much respect!

  13. B-Ill said

    Very nice….sign me up for this book too!

  14. Shane J. Wiggins said

    Josh, please let me know if I can pre-order? I really want both books.

  15. santos007 said

    you never cease to amaze me

  16. Hey Josh,

    I’m very interested in getting myself both books, (typography and Promotional Collection). Could you please let me know when they are released on sale. I would really hate to miss out on this. Thanks

  17. shanesart said

    Nice Josh! Both books look amazing. Good price, very professional looking. Can’t wait to get some copies – S

  18. Steve said

    hell yeah I want both!

  19. Shokenshin said

    i´ll pick up both for sure – how will i be able to get a hold of them in here in germany?

    Cheers, Andy!

  20. karl said

    I will definitley have both! They are looking really nice, are you still doing that other one with different graphic designers? When is the submission date for that?

  21. Andrew said

    I’ll definitley have both – hit me up with more info!!!

  22. Zak said


    Looks sweet and i would love to get both!


  23. Joe said

    Looks amazing. I want both. Let me know.

  24. jake said

    insane. i definitely want a copy of both of those books. count me in.

  25. chad said

    Josh, I would love to get my hands on both of these. They are looking beautiful.

  26. ArtcoreGfx said

    sign me up for both! hit me up with the details on payment or pre-payment, whatever, just get at me!
    much props!

  27. Esmond said

    I’d love to get both, do you take orders from Singapore? Please do!

  28. dopepope said

    Well it’s about time. Killer stuff. I’ll grab these for sure. Congrats.

  29. Clefone said

    I will definitley have both!
    All your work is nice!!

  30. matt hay said

    awesome, will i be able to get my hands on these?

  31. stew said

    This is awesome! I can’t wait

  32. CHAINsaw said

    Look’s like you might as well make a dos libro combo, we all want both.

  33. tcbrooks said

    Should be nice…I will definently get at least one of em!

  34. Royce said

    I NEED BOTH!!!

  35. Alp said

    Looks great Josh, I will buy these for sure ; ) Also did you ever get a chance to send me the PC versions of the fonts I bought from you ? Thanks man ! Left a few messages a while back

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