August 17, 2007


Just got back from the printer with my copies for one final proof. Everything looked solid. One small error, but already fixed. With that said, books will be in Tuesday Night, or early Weds afternoon, the 21st & 22nd, and will be shipping out through the 22nd-23rd. Thanks for all your support, I am very excited about the launch of this project, and the building of Legacy of Defeat.


18 Responses to “PRE ORDER NOW!”

  1. shanesart said

    Awesome, I can’t wait! The packaging looks great. – S

  2. jeff said

    i tried to order both but you don’t ship to canada? can you make an exception? haha let me know

  3. Andres Yourself said

    sweet molasses i can see them on the horizon!

    this completely made my day.
    thank you kind sir.
    thank you very much.

  4. Owen said

    Do you ship overseas? I live in europe and want this bad….hopefully they won’t sell out before my next paycheck.

  5. cant wait to check it out

  6. Damn… If I had the money I’d buy them in a flash… hope I can gather the money soon…

    Peace Joshua…

  7. PT said

    Eep, went to order and realised i havn’t been paid yet.

    Hope you dont sell out too quickly!

    Peace. PT

  8. EightyOne said

    My order is placed, can’t wait to have them in my hands. Cheers

  9. man… i gotta sell some art QUICK, so I can snag these suckers…

  10. looks incredible, i’ll definitely order one! just FYI, it should say “chock full” not “chalked.”

  11. Clefone said

    Congratulations from Barcelona (Spain)

  12. Joe Boccia said

    ordered dude!…cant wait to get em!!!peace!!

  13. doing an order right now for the typography book!

  14. Jenzzz said

    Is there a special price when you buy both books at once?

  15. victor said

    very good ~ your design

    i am come from Hong Kong~

  16. Jason said

    Yo, I thought you said you were going to discount the books if we bought both? I went to pre-order the two but… I don’t see a discount.

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